10 Vans Warped Tour Vets and Virgins You Need To See This Year

This year’s Warped Tour lineup is unlike past years, with heavier artists and many new names. Many bands are returning to the tour for their 3rd, 4th, or even 9th time; however, there are a number of groups who will be spending their first summer on Warped. Although the lineup boasts great bands all around, we’ve picked some must-sees to make sure you get the best out of Warped Tour 2017! 1.  Boston Manor (Virgin)

These English punk-rockers are an absolute must to watch on Warped Tour this year. Though this is their first year ever on Warped Tour, their high-spirited stage presence and authentic hard-hitting sound help them fit right in with the line-up. Vocalist Henry Cox never slows down, whether he’s conducting the crowd through a chorus or stage diving straight into the sea of fans. If you’re looking to get a taste of what Warped Tour is truly all about, Boston Manor should be a priority when you get your schedule at the start of the day.

Check them out on the Full Sail University Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Burn You Up”


2.  Knocked Loose (Virgin)

Knocked Loose have been getting a lot of recognition since the release of their full-length Laugh Tracks back in September of 2016 (via Pure Noise Records), and they are certainly well-deserving of the hype. As one of the newer and heaviest bands on this line-up, Knocked Loose undoubtedly draws some of the most intense and energetic crowds, and we expect nothing less all summer from these Warped Tour first-timers. Whether or not you’re a passionate fan of hardcore, we predict Knocked Loose will keep you on your toes.

Check them out on the Full Sail University Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Oblivions Peak” 


3.  Movements (Virgin)

Movements may be one of the more emotive bands playing this year, but don’t let their somber lyrics misguide you. Patrick Miranda is absolutely one of the most passionate vocalists to watch, and the band overall is musically sound live. Though Movements have been playing many intimate shows as of late, they will have no issue filling up the stage during their set this summer with die-hard fans and new listeners alike.

Check them out on the Full Sail University Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Hatchet”


4.  Sylar (Virgin)

Since the release of Help!, Brooklyn metal group Sylar has been quickly on the rise. They’ve played alongside prominent names such as Attila, Memphis May Fire, Beartooth, and Skillet. By combining hip-hop, groove, and metal, the group creates their unique crushing sound. The frantic riffs and catchy choruses make their music unregrettably addictive. Come out to Warped and watch these guys play a set full of slamming music and redefine the metalcore genre.

Check them out on the Mutant North Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Assume”


5.  The White Noise (Virgin)

Founded in 2015, The White Noise has been making a name for themselves in the alternative scene. Their debut EP Aren’t You Glad? gained them a large following around the country, and they haven’t slowed down. Their heavy punk rock sound is the perfect vibe for Warped tour. Their full length album AM/PM is set to release June 23- one week into Warped. Make sure you catch their set and lose your sh** to some new music!

Check them out on the Skullcandy Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Picture Day”


6.  Blessthefall (Veteran)

Blessthefall are no strangers to Warped Tour, as this is their fifth year being on the festival. Frontman Beau Bokan is well-experienced and energetic, and he has no boundaries when it comes to crowd engagement. Fans new and old can’t help but be impressed by their clean stage presence and solid live sound. Blessthefall is the band to catch if you are looking for one of the best long-running performers in the metalcore scene.

Check them out on the Mutant North Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Hollow Bodies”


7.  New Year’s Day (Veteran)

If you’re looking for some Warped Tour vets full of dark theatrics and impressive badass-ness, then you’d better make sure New Year’s Day is on your schedule. Ash Costello is as strong of a frontwoman as her enticing, signature style. Her voice is striking, and she is one of the most compelling performers on the lineup. Through their noteworthy guitar licks and catchy melodies, this band truly knows how to put on a show you certainly will not forget.

Check them out on the Journey’s Left Foot Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “Defame Me”


8.  Attila (Veteran)

Dubbing themselves “party metal,” Attila will be getting the party started all summer long on Warped. Frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak spits subversive bars over slamming instrumentals to create a sound unlike any other. Their aggressive sound and savage lyrics are sure to crank everyone up. The group doesn’t take live performances lightly either, as they turn every set into a full-blown rager. Be sure to hop in the pit and join the party with Attila this summer!

Check them out on the Journeys Left Foot Stage June 16- July 2 and July 6- August 6.

Listen to: “Proving Grounds”


9.  The Ataris (Veteran)

Best known for their hit cover song “The Boys Of Summer,” The Ataris have been going strong since ‘95. They’ve helped found the punk rock scene with their five studio albums. The group has toured with other prominent rock acts such as MxPx and Blink-182. If you want to see a group who helped pioneer the punk rock genre, be sure to catch The Ataris on Warped for a genuinely authentic experience.

Check them out on the Hard Rock Stage June 16- August 1.

Listen to: “The Boys Of Summer”


10.  Silverstein (Veteran)

Silverstein has been paving the way for the post-hardcore scene since their start in 2000. The Canadian 5-piece combines elements of emo, hardcore, and metal to create their iconic sound. Their music is widely recognized by older and newer generations alike, and continues to influence upcoming bands in the scene. If you want to get nostalgic this summer and experience one of the most bona fide acts in the post-hardcore scene, add Silverstein to your list of must-sees.

Check them out on the Mutant South Stage all summer long.

Listen to: “My Heroine”


Warped Tour starts June 16 in Seattle! Who will we see?!

Article by Jordyn Beschel and Brittany Isaacson