5 Under 5000: Super Whatevr Aren't Afraid To Talk About Anything

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If you haven’t heard the talk about Super Whatevr yet, you’re missing on a powerful album. Never Nothing, their debut album, combines powerful lyrics that cover the topics of mental health in a way no artist has before.

A project started as a vehicle for lead singer Skyler McKee’s potery turned into friends turning them into songwriting. While each song comes from a dark place, they all reflect the feeling of hope that often gets lost in the struggle.

What should our readers know about Super Whatevr and your music? What’s the dynamic of the band like, what do you guys like to do, etc?

Super Whatevr is a mental health advocacy and suicide awareness/prevention project in its roots. We want to shed light on emotional growth and bring others to get the help that they need in order to live healthier lives. We really really like playing music tbh, but we also have a various amount of random eclectic things we like to do. We all love making coffee, Nate does machineless tattooing, etc. It’s a fun group of friends to work with creatively.

What do you aim to say in your body of work?

You’re not alone, you’re loved, you matter, and shit sucks sometimes.

Where did you find ideas for Never Nothing? What was the process for writing that album?

Never Nothing is based on the conversation of “What’s wrong? It’s nothing. It’s ‘never nothing.’” Most of the concepts come from past relationships and my (Skyler) parent’s separation. I wrote a lot of the material through really tough times and wanted to take the listener through what it took for me to get out of those bad situations.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

I don’t! I just let them be. Honestly, if there’s a creative block, I generally just need to get it out somewhere else. So, I’ll spend time drawing or reading and it’ll come back around!

What artists/groups are you listening to currently? How do they inspire you creatively?

Daniel Caesar, Steve Lacey… Anything soulful and croony. They inspire me to expand my progressions and structure in songwriting.

How has your music evolved since you first started to where you are now?

None of my friends thought I could sing well growing up, so I’d write brash songs with weak melodies so I could yell and not have people hear my voice. I worked hard on singing and now I feel more confident in my melodies and vocal strength. I think it’s getting better and better in songwriting and meter/melody.

What songs have been your favorite to perform on your recent tours?

‘Kathrin with a K’ is by far a band favorite. It’s the weirdest progression and you can’t beat a crescendo! Other than that, 'Someone Somewhere Somehow' and 'Bloomfield' add a sweet dichotomy to our set.

What has been your biggest challenge or conflict?

Bringing in band members who don’t have common goals in mind or value your friendship. I had to replace members early this year because of internal problems. The new people who have joined are some of the most caring, loving individuals I could ever ask for.

What can we expect to see from Super Whatevr through the next few months?

More stuff! Maybe some touring, maybe some songs. I spoke with our label recently and we realized that it’s time to just enjoy our releases and have some fun this year!

Lastly, tell us a little bit more about the songs or theme you chose for your playlist?

I love sad songs but I also love pop songs, so it’s a medley of both genres. I actually made it for my girlfriend Jess, so it’s pretty personal to share how I was feeling on tour I guess.

Thank you!

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