5 Under 5000: Alex Di Leo From Going Solo to Songwriting Inspiration


5 Under 5000 is a series highlighting artists with under 5000 likes on their official Facebook pages. These are artists we believe are worthy of your “likes” and deserve a listen. Follow along weekly to discover some new artists.

Alex Di Leo is an indie rock singer/songwriter from South Florida who has been flying under the radar for some time. His inspiration from various artist helps him create a unique sound that meshes folky guitar with melodic and catchy vocals.

Di Leo will be releasing his second single in April from his EP Strange Open Land that will fully release the first week of June.

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Tell us a little about who you are and how you got to where you are now.

I’m an alternative/Pop artist based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. I turned 22 last month.

My grandma randomly gifted me an acoustic guitar when I was about 10 years old. That is when music entered my life. A few years later, I started putting bands together with friends of mine. Other than the fact that I really enjoyed being in a band with friends, winning talent shows and battle of the bands is what propelled the greater idea of doing this for real. Throughout high school, I was in a rock band called Wyld Fly. It ended my senior year, which is when I went solo. For the next two years, I did a lot of writing and recording with different producers. I ended up doing many different productions in many different genres searching for what I was hearing in my head. I finally found someone that clicked with me and what I was hearing..together we created my last EP “So We Go.” A year later I met Brother Sundance who produced my current single “Brooklyn Bridge”.

Now I’m focusing on writing more material and what my next songs will sound like.

Did you ever have any interest in pursuing music before your grandma gave you your first guitar?

At the time I was listening to bands like The Fray and The Killers.  I was definitely into the music. But there wasn’t really anything in me, driving me in the direction of picking up a guitar and discovering music in myself. That is, until my grandma gifted me my first acoustic.

With the music industry being tough to break into and how difficult life can get, how do you remain so positive through your journey and how does this influence your music?

I think that becoming successful in any industry is tough. I think that fact is what helps keep me so positive. I know that I’d never want to do be in any other business besides the music industry. I find the journey is the best part about it… and it’ll never end. Experiencing the ups and downs, the memories… that shapes your life.

After your band Wyld Fly broke up, you chose to continue in the pursuit of music. How has moving forward in your solo career affected your writing and recording process?

One of the biggest conflicts I had in Wyld Fly was that I wasn’t really able to explore what I was hearing in my head. No one in the group shared similar musical inspirations which made it difficult. Now I have a lot more creative freedom and I’m able to do things more along the lines of what I’m hearing in my head and create an atmosphere that better defines myself as a person, which is extremely important to me.

In what ways have you learned from your time in that band and translated those lessons into your current career?

One of the greatest things I’ve learned from being in my previous band and just being in the industry, in general, is being able to work with lots of different people and listening to different opinions and advice. No one creates an empire on their own so curating your team around you is one of the most important things for your career. No matter what industry you’re in.

Which artists or groups are you currently listening to? Who or what is your greatest musical inspiration?

My greatest musical inspiration is Coldplay. What I love most about them is how they’ve evolved throughout their career. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be an artist that stuck to a specific sound. I think that’s the main reason I’m able to relate to them so well.  Currently, I’ve been listening to music that’s a bit more synth heavy and raw pop. Meaning not so clean as far as production goes. Last week, I played SXSW and on the same line up was a band, The Academic. They have a super raw, heavy guitar alternative/rock sound. Listening to them inspired me as well. So I find myself pulling from wherever… as long as it feels good, it inspires me.

How do you draw the inspiration to create music?

Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. Especially when I travel and find new destinations. I’ve realized that falling into a routine in life doesn’t really inspire or motivate me. With that being said, I’m always looking to try new things or ideas.

What would you like new listeners to know about you?

And of course…thank you so much for listening and being a part of the journey!

If you’re a new listener, I encourage you to make sure you’re caught up on all the music I’ve released, along with my music videos and other content across my socials. I want you to grow with me. I think it’s extremely important that my fans know that I want to create a big family of friends and that we are moving and growing together.

What can we expect from you this year?

I’m really excited about 2018! Can’t believe that we’re already on our way into April. I’ll be releasing a second single off the EP at the end of April. My EP Strange Open Land comes out the first week of June. There will be many more shows, hopefully in your city.  I’ve made many new friends this year, so maybe you’ll see me with a friend that you love!

What is your most important message for your fans?

One of the best feelings for me is when I create a new melody or vibe and get goosebumps because of it. That’s the reason I make music: it’s the constant chase of that feeling. Find what gives you that feeling and chase it.

Also… Always have a positive mindset. Life is too short not to.

Lastly, tell us a little bit more about the songs or theme you chose for your playlist?

All the songs that I chose for my playlist were songs, vibes, melodies, or lyric that inspired me in the process of recording “Brooklyn Bridge”. For the most part, they’re all uplifting songs as is “Brooklyn Bridge”. Hope you enjoy!