5 Under 5000: Hungover discusses their influences, new EP, and plans for the future


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Hungover is a pop/punk band hailing from Orlando, Florida that will fill your ears (and hearts) with big choruses, loud guitars, and beats that make you want to dance! Drawing influence from early 2000s bands, Hungover manages to include just the right amount of nostalgia and modern day rock that will have you jamming out in a heartbeat. Just one listen and you’ll be hooked on this up and coming band. With a unique sound and positive attitude, Hungover is sure to be on your radar in the near future. 

Having just released their new EP “Wilt” on March 30 via Smartpunk Records, the band has already gained quite a bit of attention on Spotify and YouTube for their music. With tour plans on the way and dates soon to be announced, there is a good chance that Hungover will be coming to a city near you! Make sure to give them a listen, we promise they will not disappoint.

How are you inspired to write music? Specifically, what inspired you to write your latest single “Three’s Company”? And what is your writing process like?


Most of the inspiration comes from events that happen in my everyday life. Every song frames an experience. “Three’s Company” specifically is about being on the wrong end of a love triangle and awkwardly finding your way out.

The writing process is as random as it could be. Sometimes inspiration strikes like lightning and I have to get the idea down in a voice memo or hum it to myself until it gets stuck in my head. It can be right when I wake up or in the middle of the night. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.


Your catchy choruses and upbeat alt-rock mixes to create a unique and addictive sound. Since you have already gained some popularity with “Three’s Company”, what are your hopes for those who discover your music? What do you want them to take away?


The overarching themes of all the songs is moving on and letting go to make progress. I want people to feel that it’s okay to do what’s best for themselves. If you’re in an emotionally unstable, addictive, abusive, or uncomfortable situation you deserve better. You deserve to be happy.


Coming from Orlando, Florida, what is the music scene like there? Has it affected your band’s sound?


We couldn’t ask for a better scene at home. Everyone is so supportive of each other and the city is a hub for talent. We’ve definitely learned a lot from local musicians and show goers. 

Our sound has certainly grown with Orlando. They’ve seen us become more mature over the life of our band and the time we’ve spent here has left an impact on us sonically.


Do you plan to stay in Orlando?


We want to play in every corner of the world, but we’ll definitely be calling Orlando home for a long time.


How did your band name come about? What made you choose “Hungover”? What were some other names that came runner-up, if any?


It’s less about drinking alcohol and more about being hungover from life. The daily grind and emotional obstacles that present themselves can be all too overwhelming.

We can’t really remember and runner-ups. It’s been years since we landed on Hungover and it was the best choice in our minds from day one.


Thanks so much for making a playlist for Acentric! After listening to it, I can tell how other musicians have influenced your sound. Who are your biggest influences/role models (music wise)? Is it someone recent, or someone you have been looking up to since our were a kid? 


Our biggest influences are definitely the musicians we looked up to when we were growing up. Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Paramore (and pretty much any band with a music video of TRL) really impacted us as individuals and our sound now.


Having five people in your band, do you all have similar music taste?


Yes and no. Our musical pallets are all pretty diverse. We all love the scene we’re in, but it’s not uncommon for country, hardcore, hip hop, or anything else you can think of pulsing through the speakers of our van.


To follow up, who would be your dream band to tour with? 


I think it’s safe to say that every band in the scene has fantasized about opening a My Chemical Romance reunion tour.


You toured cross-country these past two years and recently wrapped up a long tour. What are your plans for summer tour dates? What can people expect at a Hungover show?


Nothing announced yet, but there is a lot in the works. We’ve recently teamed up with Artery Global and we’re trying to play anywhere and everywhere.

You can expect a lot of energy and interaction at a Hungover show. You are just as much a part of it as we are!


Hungover has been compared by fans to artists such as Fall Out Boy, would you say this is accurate? I could only imagine if anything, it’s a compliment!


The influence is definitely there and hearing things like that is a huge compliment. To be compared to one of our favorite artists definitely isn’t a bad thing.


Your music video for “Irish Goodbye” appears as if it was done in one take. What was the filming process like and what led you to come up with the idea to film the video as if it was done in one take?


It’s a hybrid one shot. It was filmed in different takes, but edited to feel like it was one continuous take. The idea came after seeing the movie Birdman which is also a hybrid one shot.


You re-released your latest EP “WILT” via Smartpunk Records on March 30th, which includes three new tracks. For the fans that have yet to hear the EP, what can they expect?


Big choruses, loud guitars, a lot of dynamic, and songs you can dance to!


Thanks so much for taking your time to answer these questions!


Thank you for having us!

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