5 Under 5000: IYVES embraces her evolution with music


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IYVES is Brooklyn-based artist whose ethereal, airy R&B-pop and soulful vocal abilities shape the imagery and soundscape of her music. In this feature, she shares about the evolution of her music, inspirations and gives us a playlist to jam along to.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="10px"][vc_column_text]Be sure to keep up with IYVES, be on the lookout for her upcoming EP and go give her page a like!

Tell us a little about who you are and how you got to where you are now.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and I think growing up there plays a lot into my songwriting writing. There was always music present in my house whether it be the radio, a record or my sister and I writing (Who is also a musician). Music has had a huge presence in my life and been a huge part of the way I have navigated through my life. Now living in New York I have really felt my music and songwriting evolve and grow from living in such a intense, energizing place.

What do you aim to say in your body of work?

The message and content of my music varies song to song, but I guess my main goal is come from and honest and vulnerable place. My hope is to get out the most human and real parts of myself in my music.

How do you draw the inspiration to create music?

I find inspiration in my life experiences, relationships, pain, anxiety, yearning for something, love — I also really draw from my surroundings. I find after moving to such a congested city I am pulling from my love of the outdoors and mountains and attempting to bring some of that organic, vast landscape into the soundscapes of my music.

How has your music evolved since you first started to where you are now?

I have grown, loved, hurt, learned and had to unlearn over the years. This all feeds into what my music sounds and feels like. I have worked alongside different producers which have also been a huge learning process for me. It's really difficult to finds someone who just "gets you" as a person and then who "gets you as a musician and artist". I suppose a lot of that has been a discovery of myself as well and finding what my true sound is — I feel like that is also an ever-evolving thing.

What has been your biggest challenge or conflict in your career so far?

A big challenge I have been confronted with has been "what's my sound". I think I have put immense pressure on myself to my something that most embodies me and what I want to say as an artist. I am coming to find that everything I make is a part of me and my sound. I don't have to confine myself to a box. If I feel like writing an upbeat pop song, I'm going to do it and if I want to write a slow burn blue ballad I'll do that. It am learning to embrace all the parts of me and I think that will come through in the body of music I am about to release.

Your voice's what most stands out from every other part of your songs and has been often described as a floating-like effect. When you're writing do you think about all these voices that will come together as a whole or is it something that you work on once you're at the studio?

I definitely think it sort of evolves as I record. I will go in with an idea and core melody idea but often times the recording experience will take me to a place I couldn’t have predicted.

Your single "Not Afraid To Fall" has a faster feel than your previous work, is this song setting up the tone for what we are going to hear this next year?

As I mentioned earlier I have a very eclectic body of work to come. My EP that is set to come out in June entitled Chromatic has a mix of a lot of genres in it. It’s much more vocal forward, less washy. The music I have been making lately has taken a bit more of an uptempo turn which is really fun!

Lastly, tell us a little bit more about the songs or theme you chose for your playlist?

I like a playlist that can take you on a journey - through the ups and downs, internal dialogues to the sounds of being out having fun with your friends on a summer day. I’m all about embracing and confronting all the corners and crevices of life.


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