5 Under 5000 (March 2018)

We're introducing a new series here at Acentric Magazine called “5 Under 5000”,  highlighting artists with under 5000 likes on their official Facebook pages. Each month we will introduce five amazing artists we feel are worthy of your "likes", along with more in-depth interviews in the following weeks to share more about who they are and why they do what they do. Our team at Acentric loves finding new music and sharing it with others, so if you like what you hear, please spread the word!



Genre: Pop Punk
FFO: Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack
Facebook Likes: 4,186(as of March 26, 2018)

If you’ve been desperately missing early 2000’s pop punk, you’re in luck! Hailing from Orlando, Florida, pop punk band Hungover can fill the gap in your music library. The 5-piece rockers exude an overwhelming amount of energy and evoke a sound reminiscent of Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree era. The band’s frontman and lyricist Marc Cortes boasts an impressive vocal range to complement the quintet’s wildly energetic instrumentation.

Hungover will be re-releasing their latest EP Wilt on March 30 via their new label, Smartpunk Records. In addition to the revamped EP, the band will be releasing three brand new songs. In the meantime, you can listen to our personal favorite Hungover single “Irish Goodbye” below.

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Genre: Pop
FFO:Illuminate-era Lydia, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Daughter

Facebook Likes: 787(as of March 26, 2018)

These pop queens are about to take the world by storm, so you better start supporting them now. Stuck in a place that’s not quite pop but not quite rock, it’s the perfect amount of refreshing and captivating. Fronted by Dana Cargioli (vocals) and Lisa Haagen (guitar/vocals), the two come together with complex harmonies, deep and personal lyrics, and riffs that draw you in.

This all comes together perfectly in Liis latest single “Thief”. In a place that’s never defined, it’s a great track to listen to and fall in love with the duo. The lush yet haunting chorus shows what Liis is capable of mixed under an ambient guitar riff and electronic drum beats.

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Alex Di Leo


]Genre: Indie Rock
FFO: Saint Motel, The Band CAMINO
Facebook Likes: 2,332(as of March 26, 2018)

After parting ways with Wyld Fly and going solo in 2014, Alex Di Leo created his own uplifting sound featuring plenty of folk guitar and a range of catchy vocals. Coming from South Florida, this alternative singer/songwriter is a refreshing and uplifting voice that has been flying under the radar. Gathering inspiration from traveling, his enchanting, hook-filled melodies are perfect for a mood-boosting playlist and long drives.

His sound is evolving with each new release and we recommend you keep up! You can listen to Alex Di Leo’s latest single “Brooklyn Bridge” below.

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Genre: R&B, Pop, EDM

Facebook Likes: 936(as of March 26, 2018)

Fresh on the scene, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter TRACES is making waves and turning heads with his music

TRACES’ debut EP Heart of Gold was inspired by a multitude of influences ranging from his Pop Rock roots to R&B and Hip-Hop, Classic American Soul and Blues. Frontman Tim Dehnert lays out every emotion and struggle with each song he writes, with each song revealing a new layer of vulnerability. His music can be best distinguished by its moody, ethereal beats and Dehnert’s buttery smooth vocals intertwined into melodious, introspective tones.

TRACES’ latest track “Before I Wilt”, from his forthcoming second EP which will be out in the Spring of 2018, just so happens to be our favorite track by the young artist. Check out the track below!

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Wilder Sons


Genre: Indie, Alt-rock

FFO: Mae, Turnover, Bayside

Facebook Likes: 3,496(as of March 26, 2018)

Wilder Sons boasts a groovy, alt-rock style that stimulates the senses of the progressive alternative scene. Upon first listen, you are drawn in by upbeat bass and drum beats, along with catchy melodies and guitar riffs, and captivated by thought-provoking lyrics backed by an inimitable voice. Since the 2016 release of their second EP, “Scatterbrain”, the band has only shown a forward progression to their sound and a continual push to transcend their musical boundaries. If you are looking for a feel-good band to listen to, look no further – listen to Wilder Sons’ “The Wake” below!

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