5 Under 5000 (May 2018)


We recently introduced a new series here at Acentric Magazine called “5 Under 5000”,  highlighting artists with under 5000 likes on their official Facebook pages. Each month we will share five amazing artists we feel are worthy of your “likes”, along with more in-depth interviews in the following weeks to share more about who they are and why they do what they do. Our team at Acentric loves finding new music and sharing it with others, so if you like what you hear, please spread the word!



Genre: Pop
FFO: Janis Joplin, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige

Facebook Likes: 1,172
(as of May 7, 2018)

Camille Trust is a young, rising artist we are excited about. Best described as a “raw, soulful singer with a groovy style”, Camille brings a dynamic energy to her performances as a powerhouse siren. Her music sends chills down our spines as she seamlessly escalates from her alto tones into her upper range.

She has put in time and dedication to her craft performing in bars part time as she studied international affairs at Florida State University and taught English in Italy. Her live show channels the energy of what it must have been like to see Janis Joplin live.

Her recently released her latest single, “Lose You” comes from her highly anticipated EP due to be released later this month. “It will tell the story of my journey. My way,” Camille shares. With only two singles released from her debut EP so far, Camille Trust has developed a loyal following and has already collectively gained 25+ thousand streams.

Listen to Camille Trust’s latest single “Lose You” below and get excited for the upcoming EP!

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Genre: Electronic, Pop
FFO: Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Troye Sivan

Facebook Likes: 196
(as of May 7, 2018)

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Michael Medrano is a singer-songwriter making waves in the music and LGBT communities alike.

As an openly gay artist, Michael has set a goal to make music by and for his community and allies. His 2015 Ignite EP was merely a modest introduction to himself as an artist compared to his recent releases. His most recent project “Heal”, a collaboration with fellow LGBT influencer and Country/Pop artist Steve Grand, is his strongest to date. Garnering attention from the likes of The Chainsmokers and other prominent pop producers, Michael proves that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Listen to Michael Medrano’s latest single “Heal” below.

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Genre: Electronic, Pop
FFO: Verité, Banks, Lykke Li

Facebook Likes: 1,877
(as of May 7, 2018)

Brooklyn-based artist Iyves carries immense and soulful vocal abilities that shape the imagery and soundscape of her music. She is truly something special. Her ethereal, airy R&B-pop mix of sounds takes you to another planet – and Iyves’ career is clearly soaring to new heights.

Her latest release “Not Afraid to Fall” is both captivating and empowering. On the single, Iyves shares: “This is a really special and profound song for me. This song was written when I was dealing with some difficult realizations in my relationship and I had come to terms that I was ready to take a separate path on my own.” If this is any indication of the new path Iyves’ is forging, count us in for the ride.

Listen to Iyves’ latest single “Not Afraid To Fall” below.

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Genre: Pop
FFO: Charli XCX, Mø, Hayley Kiyoko

Facebook Likes: 3,993
(as of May 7, 2018)

British pop singer Emily Burns is an artist who successfully balances insightful lyrics and a take-no-shit attitude with catchy hooks and sweet melodies. Her music is incredibly empowering with feel good vibes.

With her previous release “Bitch” (co-produced with the rising artist/producer biLLLy) having been streamed over one million times, Emily is not holding back with her latest single “Girlfriend At The Time”. Both tracks will feature on a forthcoming mini-album called Seven Scenes From The Same Summer, scheduled for July.

You can listen to Emily Burns’ latest single “Girlfriend At The Time” below.

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Genre: Alternative/Indie
FFO: McCafferty, Wavves, Joyce Manor

Facebook Likes: 2,387
(as of May 7, 2018)

Orange County natives, Super Whatevr is one of the most interesting bands around. Their music is usually linked with emo-fused punk crowd, but channels the spirit of early-2000s indie rock. Overall, the best way we can describe their sound is upbeat melancholic, grungy noise. A good noise though.

Super Whatevr recently signed to Hopeless Records and their latest song “Telelelevision” gives us an honest look at frontman Skyler McKee’s innermost thoughts. The songs gives us raw, intoxicating vocals with minimal lyrics and hard-hitting instrumentals. While at first the track may seem to drag on with the way McKee stretches out his words, it ends abruptly with no indication, making you wish for more.

You can listen to Super Whatevr’s latest single “Telelelevision” below.

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