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Next Year’s End are a pop rock group based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Made up of lead singer/guitarist Tommy Oakley, bassist Kyle Ryan, drummer Jordy Quinn, and guitarist Davis McMakin, the quartet released their fifth studio length EP, “Faceless” in the summer of 2017. In this feature, the band lets you in on some behind the scenes details from the set of their most recent music video, told us what to expect next from Next Year’s End, and provided a playlist that consists of vibes similar to those that will be present on the upcoming EP!

Tell us about yourself and a little bit about the band.

We are just four best friends who love to create music together! We started Next Year’s End about four years go in high school and have been writing and performing music ever since.

Where do you tend to find ideas for lyrics?

We get inspiration through personal experiences and try to find the best way to express those feelings into a song. We also listen to a wide variety of music so we can pull certain ideas and concepts from other artists and adapt them to fit the Next Year’s End sound.

How has your music evolved since you first started to where you are now?

Drastically! We all grew up listening to straight pop/punk and naturally that’s what we wrote.
We have really started to branch out with new sounds, melodies, and dynamics, which you will definitely hear on this upcoming EP.

Which artists or groups are you currently listening to?

The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, La Bouquet, Post Malone, All Time Low, Paramore, P!ATD, Nothing But Thieves… The list goes on. We like to stay up to date on new relevant artists, as well as listen to older artists such as Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, etc.

Who is your greatest musical inspiration?

Good question, we love so many different aspects of different artists so it’s hard to choose just one. As far as songwriting goes, The Beatles are a huge inspiration and really set the bar for what writing a good simple song looks like.

What about your non-musical inspirations?

Movies are a big inspiration for us. We really love 80’s John Hughes films such as Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club.

Where do you draw the inspiration to create music?

It’s pretty hard to sit down and write a great song. It’s a lot like fishing, you can cast out as many times as you want but that doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna catch anything. Switching up your environment is important too, a lot of times just taking a drive to lake or somewhere besides the studio can really help you get a new perspective on a song. We try to stay writing as much as we can, just to stay fresh and in the habit.

The music video for the title track of your EP, “Faceless”, was released not too long ago! What was it like filming that? Anything funny happen on set during the process?

It was incredible! Since we all filmed individually on set, the rest of us were so bored so we would just walk in from of the camera and do something stupid, or throw something every time someone else was recording. Needless to say it took us quite a few tries to get the perfect shot.

We’ve noticed that you’ve been in the studio a lot here lately! What can we expect to see next from Next Year’s End?

Yes we have! We were just up in Nashville recording our new EP at TrackHappy Studios with Rian Dawson producing. As soon as we got there we just clicked musically and as friends, and we knew he was the perfect person to produce this record. We don’t have definite release date for the EP, but keep up with our social media to see when it will be released!

Let us in on some things that you’re passionate about – other than music, of course!

To be completely honest, music consumes us. We love every part from writing to practicing, to recording, to performing. We really don’t do anything else, but music and eat hot wings!

Lastly, tell us a little bit more about the songs or the theme you chose for your playlist!

These are just a few songs we currently love and reflects a certain vibe that will be on our new EP!


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