5 Under 5000: Wilder Sons Talk Musical Roots, Warped Tour, and South Florida's Local Scene


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Down in the tropics of Naples, FL lies an indie-rock group eager to shine and give musically-conversative Southwest Florida a little bit of a culture shock. After several line-up changes since the development of the band, Wilder Sons is now Brian Blount (vocals/guitar), Jake Rubinton (vocals/guitar), Dan Spring (bass), and Nic Viens (drums). With two electrifying releases (Wilder Sons – EP, 2014; Scatterbrain – EP, 2016) under their belt and a full-length on the horizon, the alternative phenomenon are determined to take their hometown name to the next level, making their rounds networking and building upon the local music scene they were birthed from. With music that makes you dance paired with such inquisitive and illustrious lyrics, Wilder Sons are here to be your new favorite band.

For our latest 5 Under 5000 feature, we got the chance to chat it up with Brian Blount on recording their latest EP and writing for the next release, playing a date of this year’s Warped Tour, and their efforts to take the band (and their local scene) above and beyond.

If you had to describe your music in only three words, what would they be?

Indie Pop Rock

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? What would your dream tour lineup look like?

We all come from different backgrounds musically, so we’re into a lot different genres as a whole. We love anything from Pop to Punk to Hip hop to Reggae. I think our dream lineup would be look pretty wild (no pun intended). If we were choosing from 4 existing bands or artists, a tour with Sticky Fingers, Arctic Monkeys, Blink 182, and Bruno Mars would be stellar.

Over in Naples, FL, how has the indie scene you spurred from influenced your musical style? How have your experiences in the scene influenced your efforts to branch out on a national level?

I believe Naples has had a significant influence on our sound and out look on being in a band. To be honest, there’s never been a big scene here. Although, it’s grown quite a bit since we started playing around town as young bucks. Naples has always been a quiet snow bird/tourist paradise with little to no regard of local music. Tons of cover bands play around, but only a handful are creating original music. That being said, there hasn’t been many breakthrough bands out of our area. We always grew up admiring up and coming bands from elsewhere around the country, or world for that matter, and wondered why people around here hadn’t heard of them. That in turn inspired us to create music and form bands in our youth. We wanted to introduce our sleepy town to our kind of noise and use that noise to attempt to break out of this little bubble we call Southwest Florida.

You released your latest EP Scatterbrain back in 2016 and have gotten great praise since then. The songs on the EP are quite intricate and diverse as well. What was the writing and recording process like for the band this time around? Did it differ at all from the process leading up to your self-titled EP back in 2014?

Besides the fact that we’ve recorded all our EPs at the same studio (Earthsound in Valdosta, GA) the writing and recording process for each has been unique. We learn and grow as musicians, bandmates, and people in general after each EP. I can hear it when I listen back to the older stuff. I can speak for all of us when I say our most recent EP, that will be released later this summer, was the most fun we’ve had writing and recording thus far. Partially because we developed into more confident musicians, partially because we worked with an awesome producer by the name of Will Kubley, and partially because we now feel at home at Earthsound Studios. 

Big congrats on getting a spot on the final date of this year’s Vans Warped Tour! Considering this is the last year it’s running its infamous cross-country course, it’s been a big deal to the bands, the fans, and, of course, the media. Do you feel any pressure to be playing the festival this year?

Not at all, we are thrilled to be apart of Warped this year. It will an epic day to say the least!

It seems like music and beer almost go hand in hand for you guys, playing shows and collaborating with some breweries down in Florida. How has establishing relationships with companies outside of the music scene helped you navigate the band’s career?

The craft brewery scene has really picked up here recently. Late on the bandwagon, I know, but that gives you an idea of how things take longer to reach us down here in Southwest FL. The local breweries here are a great place to network, perform, and unwind. We’ve developed a good relationship with several spots and have had pleasure of collaborating on a few Wilder Sons themed beers. We actually sat in and help one brewery called Momentum brew a “Scatterbrain” Tripel. It was delicious! We’re both in the business of bringing joy to people. We’re both passionate about what we do. Teaming up with like minded companies helps spread the word to the masses. 

You guys shot a really cool 2017 recap video as well, following up by saying 2018 will be your year. So, of course we want to know, what can we expect to see from the Wilder Sons team this year?

New music, national touring, and a little surprise we can’t talk about yet. 

Thanks again for curating a playlist for us as well! Can you tell us a little bit about the songs you chose?

You’re welcome. We had a good time throwing it together. It’s basically a list of songs we can all say had a major influence on us growing up or currently as we begin writing our first full length. Thanks for chatting with us! 

You can check out that playlist below, and be on the Wilder Sons look out for upcoming shows and new music!

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