ALBUM REVIEW: Bohnes - 206: Act I

Launching an individualistic solo career from whatever group you’re apart of is arguably difficult. However, Alexander DeLeon of The Cab, just released his debut album 206: Act 1 for his solo project, Bohnes, March 30 and it’s anything but ordinary. 

While the term “concept album” isn’t what DeLeon would title the Bohnes project or 206: Act 1, you can feel the consistent form and functions track to track in their themes and moods. 206: Act 1 is as haunting as it is captivating. Full of organ chords, massive synth dominated choruses, and lyrics that send chill up and down your spine, the Bohnes sound nothing like anything else out there. Every track is a bend of your favorite emo-phase past, mixed in with everything a great pop track has, and given a rock edge giving the album a sound no one else could emulate. 

Working with several producers and collaborators across the eight tracks that make up the album, DeLeon created a sonically diverse album pulling from his influences like Johnny Cash, Rage Against the Machine, Justin Timberlake and Frank Sinatra. The work with Malay, Matt Johnson (Matt and Kim), Grandson, Mitchy Collins (Lovelytheband) and Bryan Sammis (The Neighbourhood, La Bouquet), everyone involved on 206: Act 1 helped create something that pulls musically and emotionally. 

The album opens on a haunting note in “12 Rounds.” With a bone chilling organ centered opening, the track quickly picks up the pace and switched to a synth centered, drum pusing track that is a perfect introduction to the entire album’s sound.

“Zombie Love” has a fun feeling, with sensual bass lines, incredible harmonies and guitar lines that speak to you. The lyrical flow really drives the track with laid back synth lines and beating drum tracks. “Zombie Love” has a unique feeling from the others while still having a connecting sound that drives the album. 

Tracks like “Moshpit” and “My Friends” have your typical rock sound. With distorted guitar riffs and incredible drumming drive both tracks, they do have an individualistic flair to them. “Moshpit” features a chorus bassdrop that The Chainsmokers probably wish they wrote. “My Friends” is your signature movie rock soundtrack song. With a driving bassline and high hat layden drum tracks, it’s hard not to picture your protagonist not walking away putting on black sunglasses with a roaring explosion behind them. 

Over the eight tracks, DeLeon takes you deep into the world of himself and Bohnes persona. Equal parts personal and musical, the album is a great introduction. It’s perfect for blasting on repeat and hard not to listen to over and over again. If you’re looking for an album that is everything you love about pop, rock and alternative, Bohne’s 206: Act 1 is one you have to check out. 

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