Album Review: She-Devils


She-Devils' dropped their self-titled debut LP today. It is a gorgeous melting pot of old yet familiar sounds of past decades such as go-go and swing mixed with ethereal, spacey soundscapes. The Montreal-based duo have no restraint on expressing their views on life both in and out of relationships. The album itself seems to boomerang between both negative and positive thoughts; the wants and needs of potentially being an individual who loves or has feelings for another person.

In one of my personal favorite tracks, "Blooming", vocalist, Audrey Ann Boucher, toys with the idea of entering a relationship but is unsure, which is a heavily relatable theme for myself and others, I'm sure. In a more polarizing, up-beat, surfy song, "Darling", Audrey mentions not letting her love interest fall. However, she goes onto say things such as "Why do you think I care?". "Never Let Me Go" is one of the slower tracks of the album and also seems to be the most solidified track in terms of actually wanting and even needing a love interest to be there for her.

Lyrically, this album perfectly describes, in a simplistic manner, just how complicated love can be at times. I found it to be totally refreshing and hopefully listeners will in the future as well.

Despite the themes being a little on the unwelcoming side of relationships, the instrumentation on this record is simplistically superb in terms of drums, bass, guitar, and percussion. The walking bass lines truly compliment the drum patterns that support them throughout this record.

What makes this album pop, though, are the extraterrestrial, dreamy samples, synths, and keys provided by Kyle Jukka. Every single track has a spacey tone paired with a heavy delay and reverb to provide us with lush soundscapes. Songs such as "Come", "Hey Boy", and "How Do You Feel" are perfectly sculpted with the aim for these samples to shine.

The touch and go lyrics, the beautifully rich vocals, the catchy, upbeat instrumentation, and dreamy, spacey soundscapes leave us with one of the most solid and aurally appealing debut LPs I've seen in quite some time. It has been on repeat since I first listened to it and will remain that way for weeks to come. She-Devils will be preforming in Chicago at Do Division Street Fest on June 4

She-Devils will be performing in Chicago at Do Division Street Fest on June 4th and they’ll be playing a show at The Empty Bottle on June 5th. Check out their set and watch them perform new music!