As It Is - Atlanta, GA - 5.24.2017

As It Is, Roam, Grayscale, Sleep On It, Capstan
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 5.24.2017
Photos by:
Ashton Garner

Wednesday night, the Okay USA tour hit Atlanta, GA. As fans piled into the Masquerade, it was bound to be a good night. The lineup was stacked with bands across the music spectrum from heavier post-hardcore Capstan to the lighter pop-rock headliner As It Is. Each band had something different to deliver, but they all had one thing in common: they gave it their all and pumped up the crowd.

First up was the Orlando-based band Capstan. As one of the harder bands on the tour, the crowd had no problem rocking out and moshing to their set. As the band finishes out the last week of the tour, they made it known why they were on the lineup.

Next were Sleep On It, an alternative band from Chicago, Illinois. Sleep On It brought the fire with them and shared their excitement with the crowd. The band were all smiles as they took the stage and rocked out, and the crowd was just as happy. The crowd sang along and danced like it was their job.

The last openers were Grayscale and Roam, who turned up the volume with their pop punk anthems. Both bands made sure to bring the heat, and did it in different ways. Grayscale pulled out beach balls for the crowd to toss around during their closing song while Roam jumped around onstage and got the crowd off their feet.

Last up, the headliner of the night: As It Is. From start to finish, As It Is were endlessly energetic, and they shared that energy with the audience. Even being so close to the end of the tour, they still went as hard as ever. The band made sure to play some jams like “Hey Rachel” and “Soap.” The crowd was tireless as the night went on and easily danced around to the whole set, creating an easygoing and happy night for everyone in the room.


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