Ben Platt - Hollywood, CA - 5.24.2019

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Ben Platt - Sing To Me Instead Tour
Dolby Theatre - Hollywood, CA - 5.24.2019
Photos by:
Angelica Nicolle Abalos

On Friday, May 24, Ben Platt’s Sing To Me Instead tour made its way through to Hollywood, CA for its final date of the tour at the historic Dolby Theatre.

The 25-year-old actor/singer, whose skyrocket to fame can be attributed to his roles in the movie "Pitch Perfect" and the musical "Dear Evan Hansen," performed to a sold out audience. The Sing To Me Instead tour, in support of Platt’s debut album of the same name, also included two of the album’s co-writers, Ben Abraham and Wrabel, as the show’s openers.

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With this being Platt’s debut headlining tour, true to his performing background, his Friday night show was nothing short of being truly captivating and an emotional experience for all in attendance.

The night was filled with Platt’s original music from “Sing To Me Instead” with a few covers incorporated by some of his musical inspirations, including “Overjoyed” by legendary Stevie Wonder. Two more songs were from two of Platt’s “Queeroes”, a term coined by the artist to mean “queer hero”. Platt’s rendition of Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke” was intimate and breathtaking, while his take on Elton John’s “Take Me to the Pilot” brought more of an electric energy into the room.

Transitioning between songs had Platt sharing the story and meaning the track of the album, which brought  more of a personal touch to the performance. “Honest Man” was introduced as a response to a relationship with a closeted man and the shame he inherited from their time together. “New” was a song written from being mistreated by a feel and finally knowing what you deserve (further showing his growth by ending the performance with “Wherever you are, I hope your life is one long line at the DMV”). “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” was written with his father in mind, but recently took on a new meaning for him to say things while you have the chance as his grandmother recently passed just before the tour started.

Platt’s honesty and vulnerability with each moment was balanced out with witty, charming banter from joking about cats being the devil’s children to sharing his lighthearted coming out story. There was not a dull moment during the show.

From the angelic vocal performance, perfectly orchestrated instrumentation to the spaghetti dance move and his wonderful back up singers—who at one point, stole the show— the Sing To Me Instead tour ended with unrivaled success. Closing out the night with one last, joyous singalong to “Older” and a beautiful tribute to his parents with “Run Away”, Platt’s Friday night performance truly made for an award-winning moment further establishing his place among the stars.