Boston Calling 2018 Artists To Watch: Paramore


ICYMI: Acentric Magazine is here to shine light on artists that fall under either category with this daily Artists To Watch series. From now until festival weekend, we’ll be counting down the days letting you in on who our most anticipated performers are this year, from the fairly local Weakened Friends to Grammy-Award-Winning rock-pop stars Paramore.

Today, we’d like to share our final installment of the Artists To Watch series as we gear up for the festival’s commencement tomorrow afternoon. Gates open at 2:30PM, and we hope we’ll see you there!

Artist/Band: Paramore

Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop

FFO: No Doubt, Blondie

Playing On: Day 1

Why You Should Watch: It is no surprise that Paramore would be a hot commodity on Boston Calling this year, especially after the success they have seen since their long-awaited return in 2017. The band gave themselves a huge makeover aesthetically, musically, and overall as more open and honest individuals. The 2017 full-length After Laughter has been the talk of the industry since its release with fans and the media alike caught up in the controversy of who Paramore is now. Despite the discussions around them, the band has soared to their rightful spot on top, performing at a whole new level on their extensive world-wide tours. The band will be fresh off their third round of the musical cruise “Parahoy!”when they take the stage this weekend. We’re excited to see the band with their sun-kissed skin, unapologetically being their truest selves.


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