BreakFest 2019: Rock and (Cinnamon) Roll


Words and playlist by Lynn Roy

Have you ever been at a festival and thought “What would really make this better is donuts and fresh brewed, locally roasted coffee”? Or maybe you just wish there was somewhere to escape from the scorching sun as sweat runs down your back.

BreakFest has you covered on these points and more. This Sunday, June 2, New Found Glory and friends are bringing together pop punk and lots of local deliciousness, from pastries to tacos. Best of all, it’s inside so you can have a blast without fear of sunburn. It starts early (doors 8 a.m., music at 9) but that just sounds like an excuse for more coffee.

We put together this playlist to help get you psyched for the show. Tickets are still available, so head to to get yours before it’s too late!

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