Crown the Empire - Atlanta, GA - 7.25.2017

Crown the Empire, I See Stars, Palaye Royale, Out Came the Wolves
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 7.25.2017
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Ashton Garner

Last night, Crown the Empire’s headlining tour came through Atlanta with a packed lineup. As the room filled with fans, it was indisputable that the night was about to be a blast.

“On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?” All Meat Loaf puns aside, that’s exactly what fans did with Minnesota-based hard-rockers Out Came the Wolves. The band started off the night right with their upbeat and powerful music that got the crowd off their feet and screaming along to every word. The coolness of the venue offered a sweet relief from the humid Georgia heat that allowed fans to give it their all.

Next on the bill were Palaye Royale, who added a rock’n’roll touch to the night. The band played some bangers that got the audience dancing and grooving to the beat. Palaye Royale were just one band on the eclectic lineup that made the night so great.

The last opener was I See Stars, an electronic hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan. As the only electronic-driven band on the lineup, I See Stars made sure to let the room know why they were on the tour. If the crowd wasn’t pumped before their set, they surely were by the end of it.

The crowd hummed in anticipation for Crown the Empire. At 9:15pm, the lights dimmed and the band took the stage, playing an array of songs spanning all of their albums. The crowd jumped and moshed to the full set. If there had been any doubt going into Crown the Empire’s set, it had been totally erased. The room was filled with incredible energy from both the band and the crowd, which made for an incredible closeout to the night.

Out Came the Wolves

Palaye Royale

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Crown the Empire

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