Fender Gives Exclusive First Look of California-Inspired Acoustic Guitar Series at NYC Launch


Words by Jordyn Beschel
Photos by 
Brittany Isaacson

This past Tuesday, the world’s favorite guitar manufacturer Fender held a launch party for their new vibrantly colored, California-inspired line of acoustic guitars. Hosted at the gallery at Milk Studios in NYC, the exclusive event gave attendees a first look at the new California Series, as well as an intimate performance by indie-popstars Misterwives.


Fender’s new California Series of guitars combine the structure of the electrics and acoustics together, while still giving you the traditional tone and playability you love. The line boasts various makes and models in an array of illustrious colors and matte and glossy finishes. Fender has introduced the Special and the Classic models, which hold specified Fender- and Fisherman- designed technology, and the Playermodel. Each model comes in each of the three body shapes–the Malibu (the shorter-scale design of the trio), the Newporter (mid-sized and comfortable), and the Redondo (the largest, boldest style)–and their own custom set of colors per make. Fender has certainly made it easy for musicians to express themselves with this new line of exotic acoustics, while equipping them with the top-of-the-line technology always promised by the company. You can learn more about each guitar’s specifics on the Fender website.

The room was colorful and lively upon walking in, glowing in accordance to the influential California aesthetic, and decorated with the acoustics hung up all along the back walls in each color and model. DJ/Bassist Blu DeTiger was kicking off the night and gearing everyone up for Misterwives’ highly anticipated performance later on, while attendees got to test out the new acoustics at their leisure around the room. Blu was an absolute hit, and looked fashionably fabulous as well. It was also the first time we’ve seen a DJ slap a bass along to the songs she was spinning, and she had everyone in the room dancing and grooving with her.

As the stage was switching up, the Fender team came up to the mic to share some words on the new line and introduce Misterwives to the stage. The band entered one by one in high-spirited outfits with every color in the rainbow–obviously the perfect band to celebrate the new California Series! The energy in the room reached a new high, and Misterwives fans certainly made their presence known. For an intimate, semi-acoustic performance, the band still performed as if they had their whole production with them, with Mandy Lee’s impeccable vocals and the entire band feeding off of the radiating positive energy. They played a good run of songs, especially like their hits “Drummer Boy”, “Coloring Outside The Lines”, and “Our Own House”, rocking out on their own Fender equipment–including an acoustic from the new line. 


The Fender California Series is available now online and at official dealers. You can check out more pictures from the launch at Milk Studios below and take a peek at Fender’s new look!