flor - New York, NY - 9.25.19


Webster Hall - New York, NY - 9.25.19
Photos by Olivia Boryczewski

flor is back with the release of their sophomore album, ley lines. The indie pop group is currently touring the US in support of the release until October 8th. We had the opportunity to see the show at New York’s famous Webster Hall last week.

Opening act Lostboycrow from Los Angeles warmed up the crowd with their slow, yet captivating beats. After a momentary hesitation, the audience began to slowly move and bop along to their set. Heavily inspired by R&B, the guitar solos were astounding, but also a great touch to an already fun set.

After they exited, Arkansas pop dance duo joan took the stage. They immediately captured the crowd’s attention with their engaging drum beats and hooks. There wasn’t a single person in the room standing still. It was almost impossible to. Personally, I have seen joan a few times now, and they get better every time I see them. joan brought a different kind of energy to the crowd that prepared them perfectly them for flor.

Finally, flor took the stage. They started their set with “slow motion” which was an unrivaled choice. The guitar riff throughout the song is unbelievably catchy and is bound to get stuck in your head for days. The audience was very into the music, dancing and singing along with each other. flor truly brought the energy, and the crowd gave it right back to them. They played a perfect balance of newer songs and older songs, which satisfied both the older fans and the newer fans alike.

The last time flor had played the venue prior to the night was back in 2015 when they toured in support of Halsey. They mentioned the night and brought feelings of nostalgia to the older fans in the crowd. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces while performing a headlining show on the same stage they once opened on. Overall, flor put on a compelling show and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted and more.

See photos from the show and their setlist below.

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