Get Free Tour - Atlanta, GA - 2.15.2018

Silverstein, Tonight Alive, Broadside, Picturesque – Get Free Tour
Atlanta, GA – 2.15.18
Photos by:
Ashton Garner

On Thursday night, fans packed into The Masquerade in anticipation of the Get Free Tour. From front to end, the night was filled with a variety of music, ranging from pop-punk band Broadside to post-hardcore headliner Silverstein. Each artist brought something new to the table, and filled the night with insurmountable energy. Concertgoers brought the noise with each band’s set making sure no artist went unacknowledged. It was a breath of fresh air to see a crowd fully enjoying every act of the night, from openers Picturesque and Broadside to headliners Tonight Alive and Silverstein.



Tonight Alive


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