Grayscale with Belmont and Bearings - New York, NY - 10.3.19

Grayscale with Belmont and Bearings

The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY

Photos by Jess Williams

For most people, October 3rd signifies the infamous holiday of Mean Girls Day, but for me, the day signified when I would get to see a band from my hometown play a sold-out show in New York City as part of their first ever headlining tour. Grayscale sold out New York’s Gramercy Theater as one of the final stops on their Nella Vita tour, named after their sophomore record, released last month via Fearless Records.   

It has become widely accepted that pop punk shows can span across multiple hours with tons of bands on the lineup, and this show was no different. Kicking off the evening was pop punk band, Bearings, hailing from Toronto, Canada. The band played a brief 30-minute set that was chock full of their hits that invigorated the fans and got the crowd surfing started early. 

Chicago powerhouse pop punk band, Belmont, took the stage next. They, too, played a brief 30-minute set but many of the fans in attendance at Gramercy Theater seemed to be there for Belmont’s performance as well. The energy that was radiating off the band members and into the crowd was infectious. A demand for a circle pit halfway through their set, prompted the pit to get a little rowdy and, as I stood at the back of the venue, I could see kids running in and out of the pit with sweat dripping from their faces.

Finally, it was time for the main event and let me tell you, I could not be more excited. I’m sure that everyone can agree that there is a certain special feeling that overcomes you when you get to see a band from your home town play a sold out show in a city other than your home town (that very same feeling is exacerbated tenfold when you get to see them sell out a show in your shared hometowns!) Philadelphia has long since been a musical hub with some great bands and musicians coming out of the city’s interior, however, Grayscale are a fresh face in the pop punk genre are making waves in the industry. The band’s pop infused twist on the typically aggressive genre is both groundbreaking and innovative, using bubblegum riffs and melodies in their songs that discuss the pain of loving and losing someone.  

Grayscale opened their set with new hit single, “In Violet.” The passion was flowing from lead vocalist, Colin Patrick Walsh’s, face as he belted the chorus. The band played for an hour and kept their stage banter short and sweet, except for the halfway point when Walsh thanked everyone for coming out to the show, “New York! We love your city, but we hate your sports!” Walsh shouted. 

The band’s setlist featuring a good range of songs from their discography including “Slipping Away”, “Just Right”, “YOUNG” and the final song of the evening “Atlantic.” Grayscales performance at Gramercy Theater last week was truly one for the books and one of the best live shows I have been to of recent memory. Even as I am sitting here writing this review, days after the show, I am still getting chills thinking about the talent that Grayscale holds and what the future has in store for these guys. Keep killin it, boys! 

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