How The 1975 Manages To Evolve With Every Album


The 1975 manage to surprise with every record they release. With a backstory as a punk cover band, the band has managed to rediscover their sound on each of their three LPs while still remaining relevant. Matty Healy (vocals), Ross McDonald (bass), Adam Hann (guitar), and George Daniel (drums) have demonstrated they are the perfect team when it comes to taking risks.

Even though they quickly rose to fame with their eponymous first record (after being a band, or perhaps different ones with different names, for many years prior), especially in the UK, they seemed to be just another emo number that was messing around with synths, riding the alternative rock wave that took place in 2013and fully embracing the black and white, mysterious aesthetic other bands such as The Neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys were upholding. After a couple years of touring and playing numerous festivals — including Coachella in 2014 — the Manchester foursome announced their second album would be released in early 2016. The record titled I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It was a definitive embrace of the pop fueled labels that followed the band throughout the beginning of their stardom.They left behind the desaturated filter and welcomed color into their wardrobes and their music.

I Like It When You Sleep proved to be a more mature record that spoke not only about failed relationships, but also about politics and retrospection, providing the listener with a chance to think a little past your average pop track.This acceptance of the pop genre, which many have diminished, allowed creativity to flow more freely. The band managed to build an album that was very versatile, every song unique, but still felt like one piece.The 1975’s sophomore album allowed them to grow in the US, taking them on several tours and getting them to the main stage at Coachella2016, an upgrade from their appearance two years before.With such a successful second album, it would be hard to come back with the third without disappointing.

Come May 2018, when the first single of a two-part album would be released. The song Give Yourself A Try did not sound like anything the foursome had performed before. With a scratchy guitar riff taken from Joy Divison’s Distraction, it was settled to be the opener for a completely different era in The 1975’s lifetime.The diversity didn’t stop there, five more songs were released before the album’s arrival, each independent in its personality. It seemed ambitious to believe the group would be able to tie an album together with such autonomous songs, but, after all, ambitious is the perfect word to describe The 1975. A Brief Inquire Into Online Relationships may be called a mix between the two previous albums, but with an extra spark that defines it as a totally different entity. Despite having many ballads, the album never becomes boring, because while the music is soft and mellow, at times very simple, Healy’s honest lyrics manage to touch upon the listener’s chest.

The trick behind the band’s continuous success can be attributed to the way the change their sound, because that’s exactly their brand, and their fans are expectant of a restored buzz altogether at the start of each new era.As opposed to other groups, they try their best to evolve and come up with something new, because making music that sounds the same for 5 years straight doesn’t work anymore. The world is in constant fluctuation, the fans that started listening to The 1975 in 2013 aren’t 15 anymore, their taste in music has grown with them.Their lyrics have also matured. Love may be an ageless issue to sing about, but The 1975’s fans, now adults have a lot more things on their mind. This makes it easier for the fans to relate to the lyrics. It’s safe to say that, for as long the band lasts, this growth will continue, and that’s what makes The 1975 such a special project.