Iconic pop punk band, Sum 41, approach 20 year anniversary with no signs of stopping soon


Photo by Jess Williams at Warped Tour 2016

Will the genre of pop-punk music ever die? I would like to argue that it truly never will. The genre, that planted its roots nearly 4 decades ago has kept charging ahead at full speed since day one. Many of the newer, younger bands in the genre constantly pull inspiration from some of the godfathers of pop punk -- like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, etc. Over the recent years, the pop punk genre has seen a sudden reemergence of those very bands and even more, including Canadian pop punk band Sum 41. 

Hailing from Ajax, Toronto, Sum 41 first stormed onto the scene in 2000, when the release Half Hour of Power. Like many bands in the genre, it wasn’t until the sophomore record that the band started to truly gain mainstream traction. All Killer, No Filler, released in 2001, Sum 41’s second record featured two of the band’s iconic hits. 

In Too Deep

I think it’s fair to say that there is absolutely no way you don’t know this song. I mean, have you ever done pop-punk karaoke? That chorus is next level catchy, name a batter one. I’ll wait. 

Fat Lip

One of the most angsty iconic songs in the history of pop punk is this song. I have yet to go to an Emo Night where this song is played and the crowd doesn’t absolutely lose their mind shouting “I don’t wanna waste my time/ Become another casualty of society!”

One year later, Sum 41 dropped their third album. They move quickly, dropping albums every year during the early 2000’s. Does This Look Infected? features a couple of Sum 41’s top songs and one of my personal favorite.

Still Waiting

This track pulls from old school punk inspirations like Bad Religion and Black Flag with the aggressive shouting during the chorus. Possibly a hint to the early stages of the 2010’s blowup of the screamo genre?

The Hell Song

The guitar riffs in this song patterned with the rolling base drumbeat really nails the pop punk sound and cements why Sum 41 are one of the few bands that cement the foundation of this music genre. 

In 2015, Sum 41 lead vocalist Deryck Whibley nearly died from alcohol and decided to significantly change and live a sober life. After making the necessary changes to himself and the band, Sum 41 returned after a 5 year hiatus to release 13 Voices and then play one of the final summers of Warped Tour. This record showcased a grungier sound that really suited Sum 41 -- think Offspring meets Fall Out Boy.

Breaking the Chain

Now, quickly approaching their 20 year anniversary as a band and almost 10 albums in the books, Sum 41 recently released their ninth album, Order in Decline, in July. The band announced a Canadian tour with the Offspring and are currently touring The United States in support of the recent record. Order in Decline sees a more political charge in the lyricism of the record and a more contemporary adaptation of pop punk with the introduction of synth into certain tracks. 

The Order In Decline North American tour is currently underway and gives fans both new and old the chance to see one of the most iconic bands in pop-punk live again. For many Sum 41 fans, it’s a chance to relive their childhood and teenage years and go hard in the pit one last time! 

The Plot In You and The Amity Affliction are joining Sum 41 on this tour that treks across the entire country, hitting major markets like Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia and the historic Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Sum 41 is well on their way to selling out the iconic 2,200 capacity venue in the heart of New York City. We are so stoked to check out the show for what will be our first time catching the band since their stint on Warped Tour three years ago! 

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