INTERVIEW: Catching Up With Jule Vera

Jule Vera has been making waves with their music lately. Having just come off tour with Our Last Night and Don Broco, the band was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. Check out our interview with Jule Vera below, and stay tuned for what they have in store!

You’ve been on tour with our last night and some other pretty amazing bands for the last few weeks. How has that been? 

Tour with OLN was amazing! It was definitely one ofif not THE best tours we’ve been on so far. All the bands on the tour were so talented and really great people. It was a lot of fun.


Any favorite shows so far or any funny moments? 

At the end of every tour we like to do tour pranks on the other bands. This tour, we charged the stage and danced during Don Broco, had a pillow fight on stage for Ithe Mighty, and TP’d the stage during Our Last Night. It’s always fun because the whole tour package and crew joins in.


Your music is different than the bands on this bill. How do you think the crowd has liked you so far? 

I think it’s been really great! We are obviously lighter than most of the bands, but I think people like to hear a little diversity in the lineup.


On your latest album Waitingon the Sun, how do you feel you’ve progressed since Friendly Enemies?

I think we’ve grown a lot since Friendly Enemies, both as people and musicians. We’ve really matured musically,and you can hear it if you listen to the albums back to back.


What’s your favorite song to play live?

My personal favorite to play is definitely “Porch Swing.” It’s such a fun and different song for us. It starts acoustic– just me and my uke – then the band comes in half way, and I think it’s a pretty special moment in our set.


What were some of your inspirations for this record?

On this album, we really wanted to try and make really weird and cool sound using only our instruments instead of using samples. We had a lot of different percussion instruments in the studio. At one point, someone even bit into a carrot,and we recorded it. Basically, we tried to make unique sounds “organically.”


Do you have anything new in works now? 

We’re working on new music now! You can expect to hear some covers and hopefully some singles soon!


Pure Noise and Sony Music launched Weekday Records last year and you and Lydia were the first bands to sign to it. How you do feel this label fits you? 

Pure Noise is a great team of people who work very hard for their bands. They have a ton of awesome artists but stylistically it was definitely a lot heavier of a roster than us. When we got the opportunity to be on a more alternative/pop-focused label like Weekday, we thought it would be a better fit, and since we still get to work with all the same people at Pure Noise, it was perfect.


What are some albums you’ve been listening to nonstop on the road? 

We listened to a few different artists on this tour. Nothing but Thieves’ Broken Machine, Lorde’s Melodrama, Underoath’s Erase Me and Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence to name a few.


Finally, if you could create your dream tour or festival, who would you want to play with and why? 

Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Muse, Mutemath, No Doubt. All pretty different but all are insanely good in their own ways and have been huge inspirations for us.

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