Interview: Get To Know Dreamers


How has music helped you? 

Nick: Music is my religion. It has shown me the way, and given me a purpose in life.

Nelson: It’s a constructive way to get any kind of feeling out, too, which is just really, really helpful. It’s also, on top of that, personally it is a really good way of connecting with people. I feel like that’s what drew me to it from the very beginning. Something about music just kind of unites people, brings everybody together, it’s a really beautiful feeling.

Jacob: Music has always been therapeutic for me. I’ve always been able to forget my worries and cmy ares while I’m performing or creating. I’ve always been drawn to it and what it’s capabilities are.

How do you feel this tour has helped you grow as a musician? 

Nick: Hmm, I don’t know. Music is about constant growth, for me. So I’m always practicing and trying to find out what I can do better, and what we can do better. This is our first headlining tour, this fall, so it has been great for us to be able to do that and to get to play a longer set and to pick opening bands. Fans are coming out and it’s been amazing. It’s all just another step on the journey.

What type of environment do you feel is best for writing songs?

Nick: I’ve tried everything under the sun, and I think it’s best for me to just write.  Get up in the late morning, like eleven o’clock and write a song during the day, totally sober and just be like “I have to start and finish something right now.”.  That works the best, but there’s no wrong way.

Nelson: That’s what’s worked for the band, and I’ve seen for Nick. Just a really structured thing where we go into a studio, or just any space where that’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to write a song, nothing else, write it right now, get it done by the end of the day, and just really really structured and not inspired spur of the moment middle of the night.

Jacob: It definitely helps to be in a playground of instruments, you know? Having that around and when we have something set up in that space, drums, keyboards, all these things that you can just hop around on and be creative with it definitely helps the creative flow.

What is your dream collaboration with another artist? 

Nick: Bob Marley, John Lennon, David Bowie.

How would you describe your sound? 

Nick: We are an alternative, grunge, rock band who creates dream sequences and cries out from the soul into the deep, endless universe.

Nelson: If a tree fell over in the forest and nobody was around to hear it, it might sound like our music.

Do you feel your hometown influenced where you are today? 

Nick: Yeah, absolutely. For me, I grew up in Seattle and I was obsessed with grunge music and the whole Seattle scene in the 90s. Jacob came up in Central Cali, there’s a whole music scene and world there, too.

Jacob: Yeah, it was definitely an influence. The people around me growing up were all musicians, and it made it pretty important for me

Nelson: I grew up in a very rural part of Maryland, there wasn’t a whole lot around. A very, very small town with a lot of fields and it helped me submerge myself in it. There wasn’t much available to me culturally around, so I just had music. I think the isolation honestly helped, because I was able to make my own universe with music.

What would you say is your favorite track of your new music? 

Jacob: I have a few. Fake It Til You Make It is a favorite. Screws is a personal favorite because it was one of the first songs that the three of us wrote for the new record, it happened pretty quickly. All Washed Out, Last Love Song.

Nick: Personal songs, breakup songs.

Nelson: I’m the same way, all of those.

Jacob: A lot of our favorites are on the records because we actually ended up writing fifty songs during the span of the writing progress, so the ones that we picked are really all our favorites.

Nelson: There’s some favorites that we can’t talk about yet, too! They’re going to be coming out soon.

What has been your favorite show as of yet and why? 

Jacob: There’s been a couple!

Nick: That’s tough. Phoenix was pretty awesome, it was our first sold out show ever. It was right at the beginning of the tour and everything kicked off great, but honestly every show on this tour has been really amazing and we’re shocked at how great it’s been and how many people are coming out.

Jacob: We get surprised daily on these shows because we don’t know what to expect. It’s our first headliner and just the amount of people that show up and are excited to party and sing all the words.

Nelson: That’s one of the ways that I feel like we grow, too, is from the audience and people showing up and singing all the songs. It really does, it’s kind of like a feedback loop where we become more confident about what we’re doing and I feel like that progress actually formed the music that we’re releasing now. We were more confident that people are responding to what we’re doing make us feel even better about our vision.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Nick: I don’t. I keep an open mind, the road will lead where it’s lead.

Jacob: Hopefully still alive and kicking.

Nick: Definitely alive, and still with hair.

Nelson: As long as we have friends and family and all the same people, it’s going to be good. If we’re still making music, then I can’t complain.

Nick: If the world still exists, we’re all going to be burning alive.

Nelson: It’s going to be really hot!

Lastly, what do you have to say to Acentric Magazine’s readers? 

Nick: We would just like to make a call out to all dreamers to join us. Dream, think, imagine, and love your life. It’s awesome.

Jacob: Celebrate love!

]Be sure to check out Dreamers’ most recent EP, “FLY”, and grab a ticket to one of the remaining dates of their current tour.

October 12th / Lawrence, KS

October 13th / Omaha, NE

October 15th / Denver, CO

October 16th / Salt Lake City, UT

October 17th / Bozeman, MT

October 18th / Missoula, MT

October 20th / Portland, OR

October 22nd / San Francisco, CA

October 24th / Seattle, WA

October 26th / Sacramento, CA

October 27th / Los Angeles, CA

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