Issues - Atlanta, GA - 9.26.2017

Issues, Volumes, Too Close to Touch, Sylar
Buckhead Theatre – Atlanta, GA – 9.26.2017
Photos by:
Ashton Garner

This past Tuesday night, the Headspace Tour played to a crowd of almost two thousand people in Issues’s hometown of Atlanta. As fans piled in, the room warmed up with excitement. This would be the band’s first show in Atlanta since April, and the audience was ready to break the silence.

First to take the stage was Sylar, hailing all the way from Queens, New York. The crowd was pumped and let the band know it by belting the lyrics along with them. “What’s it like to live? What’s it like to breathe?” frontman Jayden Panesso chanted. “I don’t know anymore!” the crowd chanted back. All too soon, the band left as they came, leaving the crowd even more excited for the rest of the night.

Too Close to Touch came as a strong followup act for Sylar. The band is truly a pleasure to watch, putting all of their energy into their performance. They played a satisfying concoction of songs spanning multiple albums, including their jam “Leave You Lonely” and ending strong with “Sympathy.”

The final opener was Volumes, who punched out a set full of liveliness. They engaged the audience in mosh pits and interacted by standing on the barricades to get closer to the fans. Frontmen Gus Farias and Myke Terry were just as hyped up at the end of the set as they were at the beginning, jumping around and making their set a thrill to watch.

At long last, Issues took the stage. Opening up the set right with “COMA,” the band would play a solid 22-song set. They did their hometown right and brought everything to the table, uh, stage. The set spared no one, playing something for everyone in the room to enjoy. Issues even took the liberty to play their very meme-ingful song “Love Sex Riot,” which was arguably a crowd favorite of the night. The crowd went hard the whole night and thoroughly enjoyed every second, from “Blue Wall” to “Yung & Dum.” The band closed out the night with their stand-alone 2013 single, “Hooligans,” giving the crowd one last chance to show what they’re made of.

The Headspace Tour has just kicked off and will be traveling around the United States up through November, so be sure to check it out! It’s definitely not a show to miss out on.


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