K. Flay – Irving Plaza – 3.19.18

Yungblud and K. Flay

Irving Plaza – New York, NY – 3.19.18

Photographer: Jess Williams

On Monday night, genre bending singer K. Flay brought her “Everywhere Is Somewhere” Tour to New York City, along with Yungblud who kicked the night off. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t as familiar with K. Flay as I am post-show… but that means it was a successful night, right?! I had seen K. Flay once before and knew that she was a high energy performer and her beats were out of this world, but little did I know that Monday night’s show was about to blow me and everyone inside Union Square’s Irving Plaza right out of the water.

Hailing from Northern England, Dominic Harrison, who goes by his stage name of Yungblud, kicked the night off. Yungblud literally came busting out the door and onto the stage and his energy didn’t die down for one second of his thirty minute set. He began his set with “21st Century Liability”, which he flew from stage left to right throughout the entire song, leaning down into photographers cameras and reaching out for fans hands. He then transitioned into his love song for his hometown “I Love You, Will You Marry Me?”. Yungblud commanded the attention of every single person in the venue, whether it was smashing his guitar over the cymbals during “Tin Pan Boy”, falling on his back and shredding an insane guitar solo or grabbing the cheeks of his guitarist and giving him a big old smooch on the lips in front of everyone! While Yungblud might just be scratching the surface in America at this point, there is definitely more to come from him. He’s just getting started.

Illinois native, Kristine Flaherty, who goes by K. Flay was bringing her summer beats infused with rap and hip-hop influences to the stage. She began her long but strong set with “Make Me Fade”. The energy was at the max — or so I thought, until “Black Wave”. K. Flay was flipping around the stage, her dark brown locks flying in the wind, draping over her microphone and face. Fans were reaching out for a little taste of K. Flay, when she reached into the crowd before running to the back of the stage, climbing up the stairs and launching herself into the air during the final chorus of the song. K. Flay’s setlist included songs both new and old — even her duet with DJ Robert Delong “Favorite color is blue” — as well as some covers from Louis The Child and Harvey Danger. The energy of the crowd was elevated tenfold since the beginning of the set, the walls were shaking and I swore the floor was about the cave in. The light show was amazing, watching from the back of the venue and it was such a treat to watch a night of strong and passionate talent perform.