Keshi Releases Bittersweet Single "Right Here"

Casey Luong, a lo-fi hip hop artist known musically as keshi, has been steadily rising in popularity. Having just quit his job as a registered nurse and freshly signed to Island Records, the Houston-native finished up his first ever sold out U.S. tour earlier this month. On September 24th, keshi added to his repertoire by dropping his newest single, “right here.” 

Bittersweet with a tinge of nostalgia, the track features keshi’s signature smooth, upbeat sound. The song considers the past, looking over it in the hopes of a sweeter, uncomplicated future. The emotion is earnest and heartfelt, vocals mellow as always, fluctuating in intensity with the rest of the music. My first listen of “right here” was in the middle of a heart to heart with my roommate, curled up on my couch, eyes closed and tears drying, letting the soft music wash over me in dim lights. In those moments of vulnerability, the song was cathartic for me and I’ve been hooked since.

Stream “right here.”
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Photo by Kenji Chong

Photo by Kenji Chong

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