LA's Car Culture Revealed In New "LA: CARS + MUSIC" Short Film - Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles


Red Bull is launching a new short documentary, titled "LA: CARS + MUSIC" today to celebrate Los Angeles' rich car culture community and the role of music within it, as part of its inaugural Red Bull Music Academy LA festival that kicked off on October 6th. "LA: CARS + MUSIC" is a short documentary that gives a real front seat ride into LA's wholly unique car scene, starring a diverse range of personalities, subcultures and auto passions from vintage, heritage, race cars and street racing to lowriders. The director Van Alpert (Director) worked closely with Estevan Oriol (Executive Producer), a world-renowned Chicano photographer known for his work in documenting lowrider street culture, to tell the stories of these various car communities and the role music plays in their culture.

"I bought my 1964 Impala in 1989 and finished restoring it and converting it into a lowrider in the early 1990's. At the same time my dad gave me a camera and I began documenting the lowrider culture which opened my eyes to all car and bike culture. From that moment I've documented car and bike culture all over the world and have been to over 56 countries. It's been good working with Red Bull and Van Alpert to bring some of these stories to life," said Estevan Oriol, Executive Producer.

The human-interest stories start with Sundays with Jason, the raw street racing club that lights up and unites the streets of LA for its fans and drivers: "You're not going to see a scene like that anywhere else, you're not going to see a scene with all colors, all ages, all affiliation," said Jason Cordova. "In the end, it really just boils down to the energy of it."

Lala Romero and Natalia Dorado, the duo and founders behind the cult Bella Dona LA streetwear brand represent their culture and where they're from through their passion for lowriding and the music intertwined with it - oldies, hip hop and funk. "As little girls growing up, car culture was a really big part of our lives. Lowriding has been at the basis of everything that we've done, and there is no lowriding without the music, "said Lala Romero.

Then there is Guadalupe Rosales, an artist and archivist based in Los Angeles and the founder of Veteranas and Rucas who speaks about the '90s Los Angeles Latinx party crew scene that her work commemorates highlighting the lowriders they drove and the music they played. Rosales is also LACMA's first Instagram artist in residence.

Throughout "LA: CARS + MUSIC," the overwhelming passion each person and community has for cars and the music they play comes to life. The "LA: CARS + MUSIC" documentary was born with the aim to celebrate the first ever Red Bull Music Academy festival in Los Angeles, given Los Angeles has one of if not the most recognized car community in the world, thanks to its cultural diversity, high car ownership and driving lifestyle.

The '"LA: CARS + MUSIC" documentary debuted at The ID Agency on Tuesday, 10th October with words from Bella Doña and Estevan Oriol. The video is now live at This precedes another special automotive event, A [For 100 Cars] by Ryoji Ikeda, which will partner with 100 Los Angeles auto owners and their vehicles' sound systems to create the world's largest synth orchestra. Please visit the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles site for the full program and event details.