Matt and Kim + Tokyo Police Club – College Street Music Hall – 4.27.18

Matt and Kim + Tokyo Police Club
New Haven, CT – 04.27.18
Words + Photos by Jordyn Beschel

College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT is a fairly new venue (roughly three years old) that has welcomed plenty of great rock acts like The Decemberists, The Flaming Lips, and Franz Ferdinand to name a few. However, the venue’s impressive lineage could not prepare them for what was the most outrageous and thrilling concerts one could witness in their lifetime. Matt and Kim absolutely brought the house down on their stop to New Haven, CT with tour mates Tokyo Police Club and opening act Future Feats, and we got to witness their noteworthy performance firsthand–and for the first time. Spoiler alert: it was incredible.

Indie-rock quartet Tokyo Police Club were the main support act for Matt and Kim on this run, and they successfully got the crowd up and on their feet. The band played a decently long setlist, playing popular tracks like “Your English Is Good” and recent single “New Blues”, which had the front row bouncing and screaming in response. Tokyo Police Club gave the night such an uplifting, “feel good” vibe between their melodic and upbeat jams, and how genuinely enthusiastic the band looked to be there. The members danced and swayed nonstop, and their smiles were totally infectious. Though they were a much more mellow performance compared to what was about to embrace the stage, it was certainly an impressive and enjoyable one.

Anticipation was building immensely during the set change, but once the house lights went black and the bass blared through the speakers, the entire venue was, well, shook. Matt and Kim, in all their dynamic glory, danced their way to the platform where her drums and his synth sat, and the entire venue lit up in amusement. Their stage production alone was impressively bright and colorful, and of course, so was their language. Within seconds of their intro music ending, they were shouting about “ass and tiddies”, so nothing out of the usual here. Kim (Schifino) actually mentioned that their parents were at their Boston, MA show the night before, so being parental-free for the night meant all bets were off.

Their pleasurably lengthy setlist covered basically every song you would want to hear them play, from older crowd-pleasers like “Daylight” and “It’s Alright” to newer singles like “Forever” and “Like I Used To Be”, with some popular covers of songs from throughout the years as well. Halfway through the set they summoned the crowdsurfing to begin, and the fans did not take this lightly. Amidst the wave of bodies surfing were blow-up dolls, which had the venue staff looking confounded while fans were just going with the flow. With it being our first time at a Matt and Kim show, we were totally on our toes the entire night with anticipation and hilarity, but it ultimately made us realize we had waited far too long to witnessed the ‘provocative party people’ in action.

Matt and Kim’s newest album ALMOST EVERYDAY is officially out now, which you can purchase/stream on iTunesSpotify, and Apple Music. The tour has made it’s final stop in Toronto, Canada, but we expect to see plenty more of the dynamic duo in the near future. For now, we’ve got ALMOST EVERYDAY on repeat in memoriam of the wildest night ever.