Michael K. premieres new single "Haircut"


Independent artist Michael K. has dropped her third single, titled “Haircut”, today. Based on the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, "Haircut" describes a toxic relationship in which both sides betray each other. Like the orginal story, Michael K. uses hair to symbolize strength and stability. She repeats the question, "Did you cut my hair because I cut yours?" each instance reiterating the pain that the couple consistently causes one another. Written when Michael K. studied for a semester in England, she used the song as a way to reflect on a relationship she left behind in the U.S.

The track, produced by British electro-R&B artist ONUR, opens with a haunting piano that showcases Michael K’s airy high notes before moving into an edgy electronic sound. Her arresting vocal turn, reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, is equally suited to the heavy electronic tones and drums, matching the swirling synth buzz even as it floats above the darker tones.


Currently a student at USC’s Thornton School of Music, the Fort Worth, TX native is also using her platform amplify.usc to help support other young artists and grow the music community. Check out the new song below, as well as links to her previous tracks and social media.

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