MILKK Announce Debut Album

After releasing two EPs in 2018, along with having gone on two tours and having released 2 music videos, Nashville-based-band - MILKK, has announced the release of their first full-length album. Returning from a week-long online absence, the three-piece posted a cryptic, 42-second long video on their socials.

In it - guitarist Jack Vondrachek and drummer John Ogelby, appear entranced in their everyday lives, with Vondrachek seen smoking a cigarette on a porch and Ogelby whacking away at his drums in a studio. The twist comes in when frontman Pat Kiloran becomes the focus of the frame. Crescendoing static and scratchy sounds accompany the back and forth frame shifts from Kiloran sitting on some steps with his hands on his head to him seen pacing around an abandoned room, seemingly losing his mind as he bangs the top of a box TV (whose screen displays static lines) and kicks a chair near him. The frame shifts and static noise come to a halt when Kiloran is once again seen sitting on the steps. Slowly, and without lifting his head, Kiloran says, “You don’t even know who I am”. The screen soon turns black and the word “HEADRUSH” (the album title) appears on the screen, followed by the band’s name, and then the date “02.15.19” (the release date) as a short melody plays in the background. The video ends shortly after with the screen turning to static lines.

From what the video portrays, we can expect the album to provide insight into Kiloran’s struggle with mental health. Kiloran, more open than most about the bleakness of his mental state, has even at various times expressed the rawness of the album on Twitter. Symbolized by what appears to be a broken infinity symbol, this yellow themed era points to the band’s skyrocketing success. And, knowing MILKK’s incredibly soothing sounds and strong work ethic, this album is to be nothing short of powerful.

As we patiently await next month’s release of HEADRUSH, make sure to listen to the first two singles from the album, “Thinkin Bout U” and “Stupid”, to prepare you for the new tunes to come.

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