On the Rise: Interview with Finn Matthews


If you thought you knew every young pop musician on the scene with a killer hairstyle, then you should know the name Finn Matthews.The 17-year-old singer is on the verge of cutting out a corner of the mainstream music scene—with a goal of reaching past the average hit track and gathering a broader audience than any of his predecessors.  

“Being able to speak to the most amount of people as possible is very important, especially in music where you want to express yourself,” Matthews said in a recent interview with Acentric Magazine.

In his debut single, “Half Hearted,” Matthews demonstrates his ability to think past the boundaries of his teenage years. On the surface, the song appears to be an average song about young relationships and love. But Matthews explains that he intended the song to be relevant on any level and that it’s about doing things wholeheartedly.

“Why would you order coffee and only drink half of it,” Matthews explains with a quick analogy.

The budding artist claims he’s never had a set target audience, but rather aims for a broad range of people to relate to his music. The focus of his work is on human interaction, he says, which everyone can relate to on some level.

If there’s one thing that the singer thinks is distinguishable about him, it’s his drive and his focus. While most of his age group goes to school and hangs out with their friends every chance they get, Matthews is spending that time cultivating his craft. Since moving to Los Angeles on his own, Matthews splits his time between working with his mentor Elijah Blake—an R&B artist who's written songs for the likes of Rick Ross and Rihanna—and completing school online.

He adds that his free time is spent exploring L.A. on his skateboard, and having his own human interactions.

Matthews’ newest single, “Julia” just released last week, and the singer says it’s favorite song he’s worked on yet.

Stay up to date with Matthews at his website, www.finnmatthews.com and all social media under, @finnmatthews.

Listen to Finn's latest track "Julia":

Photos by: Melanie Kim

Interview: Angelica Nicolle Abalos