PLAYLIST: Coucheron's 7 Most Influential Tracks

Norwegian producer Coucheron is gearing up to drop his new album later this year. His remarkable sound and playful approach to his music mark him as one of today's compelling artists.Coucheron's collab with Kehlani landed in FADER's 107 Best Songs of 2015 and also earned a Grammy nom for Best Urban Contemporary Album. This is the second song from Coucheron's forthcoming album which is set to drop later in the year. The first track from the record, Loudhit number 2 on the HypeMachine and has racked up over a million streams, and his new track, "Barely Floating," which premiered on Billboard is an absolute jam.

The team at Acentric Magazine recently asked the young producer to share a playlist of a few tracks that have been the most influential to his career. Listen to the playlist below and read on to find out why he picked these tracks!

Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Introduced to me at the age of 8, Iron Maiden would eventually become the main reason that I’m making music today, as I picked up guitar and drums shortly after. Up until that point, all I listened to were boybands like A1 and Backstreet Boys. Iron Maiden marked a huge sudden shift in my musical taste.

Daft Punk - Digital Love

Being into heavier rock music throughout elementary school, there was one dance music act that still really appealed to me, and that was Daft Punk. I guess there was something very rock 'n' roll about the way they sampled records.

Mew - Am I Wry? No

I picked up Mew’s “Frengers” not knowing what to expect. Luckily that album had perhaps the best opener of all time in Am I Wry? No. This album started my quest towards more emo-oriented rock music.

The Get Up Kids - Close To Home

One of the best rock albums of all time, Something To Write Home About, is a masterclass in emo. It’s an album that can take me back to being 14 years old within seconds, and I still find it inspiring after a 1000 spins. Near impossible to choose a fav off the album, but the final “you can read about it when we’re gone” on Close To Home gets me every time.

Kanye West - Through The Wire

I can get disappointed whenever I hear a killer sample being slaughtered with a mediocre song. This song, however, hits bullseye in every way.

Justice - Genesis

I first heard Justice around the same time as I started dabbling in music production. I spent the next 5 years or so trying to immitate them. I’ve now given up on that, but their style makes up for a lot of the basis I make music on.

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops

Whenever I’m worried that the sounds or styles I’m using don’t fit with the Coucheron project, I come to think about Basement Jaxx and how they always use the element of surprise as a major advantage. Their songs are usually just trainwrecks of sounds and styles that shouldn’t go together.