Under The Influence: Jane Q Public's TOP 7 noteworthy Songs

Born in the South Bay of Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Jane Q Public began exploring performance and music at a young age, drawing inspiration from her favorite R&B, folk, and pop artists. Now a student at Berklee College of Music, Jane Q has grown into her own sound, blending R&B flavor with pop melodies to create music that contain pieces of her heart and story. On September 13th, Jane Q released her new single, “Sugar Water,” a mix of layered vocals and low, rippling instrumentation that explores the chaos of falling in love after a heartbreak.

Jane Q put together a playlist of her top 7 most influential songs for Acentric Magazine. See her commentary on each song and the complete Spotify playlist below.

“Tangerine” by Mosie

Tangerine is a perfect song and I will stand by that until the end of time. It just makes you feel good. I want to play this song at my wedding, divorce, and funeral. 

“NIGHTFALL” by Jackson Lundy

Nightfall completely changed my perspective on electronic instruments and heavier production. It’s a simple song with a lot of space, and still bumps. 

“For no reason” by plainfacedgirl

We need more artists like plainfacedgirl. She’s raw, honest, and so badass. Just listen to her flow and get back to me. 

“FLY” by Olivia for Now

“Fly” is the definition of dreamy. All the pieces move together so perfectly and cohesively. It’s just really well done.

“heavy hitter” by GOLDSPACE

This song is effortlessly cool. As obvious as it seems, “Heavy Hitter” got me thinking about using vocals for texture throughout a song. Also, I just can’t get enough of female vocalists talking shit. 


“she thinks I don’t care” by Lick Neon

If a song could have an old soul, this song would be ancient. The ideas developed are timeless, classic, and devastatingly beautiful. 


“milk n’ honey” by Anderson .Paak

This is the first song off of Anderson Paak’s first album (not counting waves, which is a 30 second intro that opens the album). He will always be my biggest influence. His style, musicianship, and songwriting blew me away from day one. Watching him go from underground to an icon restored my faith that good music will find its way.