PVRIS – House Of Blues Boston – 10.12.17

PVRIS & Lights
House of Blues – Boston, MA – 10.12.17
Words & Photos by 
Jordyn Beschel

Boston’s own PVRIS casted their magical spell on the House of Blues with a little help from Lights and Flint Eastwood (who were on for this second part of the North American tour). PVRIS have certainly grown up since the release of their first full-length White Noise (November 2014), and they have made their mark as matured and honest musicians with the release of All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell (August 2017). We were lucky enough to watch them take over Boston for their biggest hometown show to date.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the first half of Flint Eastwood’s set due to the traffic and parking chaos, but I was able to make it for the final few songs. Even just by those songs, it was obvious that Flint Eastwood was a perfect match as PVRIS’ support. Jax Anderson has such a striking and lively presence and alluring pop beats to match. I always believe opening acts have the hardest job—to get the audience warmed up and set the tone for the rest of the night–but Flint Eastwood took on this task with ease and assurance.

The electric and ethereal Lights followed up and stole the hearts of both her long-term fans and new listeners. The red-haired pop icon is undeniably a vocal powerhouse and walked the stage with her charm. It was my first time ever seeing Lights perform live, so finally hearing her songs come to life was definitely a highlight of the night. I was especially happy to hear one of her newest songs “Savage” live in all its angst and glory.

PVRIS has come a long way since their North American headliner last year, and this was made apparent from the moment the house lights went dark. As the intro track ceased to its end, the band members marked their spots on the stage and vocalist Lynn Gunn greeted us with the haunting intro chords to “Heaven”.  Not only has their songwriting developed immensely with the newest album, but their attention to aesthetic detail and meaningful theatrics supporting the release have translated seamlessly to their live shows as well. The minimalistic production on this tour proved that less is more, and the freestanding pillars of light often created eerily beautiful silhouettes, only intensifying their mystical approach.

Their setlist was fruitful of fan-favorites like “St. Patrick”, “My House”, and “You and I”, but I was especially looking forward to hearing the new songs live for the first time. Well-known singles “What’s Wrong”, “Winter”, and “Anyone Else” naturally had everyone off their feet, but their live stripped-down rendition of my personal favorite “Same Soul” is what really sold me on the night. Half-way through their performance was something special, too, as guitarist Alex Babinski’s brother proposed to his now fiancé on stage. The night was surely a monumental one for PVRIS, sincerely capturing just how far they’ve come over the last few years as a band. As big of a milestone as this tour has been, we’re looking forward to seeing where AWKOHAWNOH will take them, and for whatever magic PVRIS has in store for us next.

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