Q&A: Marina City


Acentric Magazine had the chance to speak with Chicago-based self proclaimed "Aggressive Pop Rock" band Marina City, who were named last summer's Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Winner and just a few months ago, they released a live acoustic EP. Check out what they had to say about their crazy last two years!

Acentric Magazine: Your live acoustic EP just came out not too long ago. How has the response been?

Incredible! We took a chance on something and it worked. Not many people are willing to bend your genre and we were able to do that and have our fans back us 100% of the way.  (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

You guys chose to play in five different studios to five different audiences, which was such a unique choice. How did the decision come about? What made you decide to not just record one live studio session?

We really wanted to record an acoustic record. But that by itself is kind of boring. So we brainstormed for a long while how to make it super cool for all of our fans and the concept for LDMA was created. That was even before Craig was involved with it. We saw Craig post about wanting to work on some new projects so we threw a dart in the dark hoping maybe he'd be interested and he was immediately on board. When we got the news about Craig being down for it, I had goosebumps. This idle I've had since I was younger is going to produce our project that we just put together on a whim? God yes. Incredible. And it worked out so much better than we could have dreamed. Everyone including our fans were so stoked just to be included on such an innovative idea. (Brian Johnson | Guitar/Vocals)

How were the performances different than your regular shows?

They were so intimate. Maybe too intimate.. haha But very, very intimate having 20 people huddled in a studio just listening to some MC acoustic jams. At first people were very afraid to make noise which was what we were scared of. We wanted the feel of a live audience but I got the feeling everyone was so awestruck just to be in the room that they didn't want to screw anything up or ruin a good take. Like, stomp your feet, sneeze, cough.. do something! Haha But they made some noise after each track so it worked out great and the fans were amazing. (Brian Johnson | Guitar/Vocals)

In 2015, the band was named the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Band's Grand Prize Winner. What was that like? And what was it like to play two weeks of Warped Tour?

Being named the winner was absolutely surreal! It was a truly life changing moment for all of us. I remember we were on tour in New York when we got the phone call. We put it on speaker phone and erupted into craziness and tears of joy! Having the opportunity to play Warped Tour was such a dream come true. It was the most fun and most exhausting two weeks of our lives. We knew going into it that we had to give it everything we got so we spent all day every day working and talking to people making sure people would see us and remember us. It's been a true honor and such a wild ride!  (Eric Somers-Urrea | Drums)

Do you feel like your time on Warped Tour helped gain fans from other music genres?

Yes, Warped Tour definitely helped gain fans from any band from Motionless In White to State Champs and Mayday Parade. The great thing about Warped Tour is that the kids go mostly for the experience of seeing tons of bands in one day. They usually just love music in general so if you put on a good show and give them attention and actually talk to everyone after the show at your merch table you'll most likely gain fans for life because you showed that you actually cared about them taking 20 minutes out of their day to give you a chance.  (Aaron Heiy | Bass)

Are you excited to be going on tour with badXchannels? What has it been like working with Craig Owens?

We are all so incredibly excited for this tour! We've all been such fans of Craig's work so working with him has been amazing. He's been so great to us in helping to develop and push us creatively as musicians and artists so it really means a lot to us to have this opportunity. He's really become a great friend to us! Plus just as fans we're excited to watch badXchannels perform every night!  (Eric Somers-Urrea | Drums)

If you could describe the band in three words to someone that has never heard your music, what words would you use?

Aggressive Pop Rock (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)


Catch Marina City on one of their upcoming tour dates, and make sure to follow their social medias to stay up to date!

12/02 - Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
12/03 - Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
12/04 - Phoenix, AZ @ Pub Rock
12/09 - Brooklyn, NY @ Goldsounds
12/10 - Cambridge, MA @ Middle East (early show)
12/11 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage