Q&A: The Maine


The Maine are currently on the road for the final few days of the Modern Nostalgia Tour. Acentric Magazine's own Ashton Garner got the chance to catch up with Kennedy Brock (guitar) and Pat Kirch (drums) and ask some questions during their stop in Atlanta.

Ashton Garner: Welcome to Atlanta. Thank you for taking the time out of your day. Pat Kirch: No problem. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

AG: It’s always a pleasure. So you guys have been a band for ten years. I guess almost eleven now. PK: Almost eleven, yeah.

AG: What is the most important thing you’ve learned in your time as a band? PK: Maybe it’s just how we were raised or something, but I think just treating people good. You know, treating the fans who support what we’re doing well, and the other bands on tour. Really, that’s kinda the only important thing to learn. Just to be a decent person. I think of all the music industry stuff and how to navigate that. That’s always changing and evolving, but the one thing that stays consistent is to just try to be decent. AG: I think you guys do that very well. Kennedy Brock: We try.

AG: You guys have been on the Modern Nostalgia tour for quite a while. What has been your favorite song to play so far (asked by losttinreverie and 8onetwenty3 on Twitter)? KB: It’s hard to pick one. For me, it’s obviously new stuff. It’s really been fun to do the record from front to back like we’re doing. We’ve never really done that, especially not two records like this. I think the most interesting part of it for me is when people know what’s coming up next as opposed to when we’re normally sculpting something and that’s now really the case. “Reverie,” for me, has been really fun. It’s real cool to see that one go off and it’s the first time we’re playing it.

AG: Since, as we mentioned, you’ve been on the tour for a while and it’s coming to a close within like, the next week, what has been one of your favorite memories you’ve had so far on this tour? PK: It kinda all becomes a blur and it’s hard to pick out a specific moment. KB: Last night was really cool being around a ton of our friends. It was kind of an overwhelming amount of close friends we had out at the show last night. For me, that was really fun getting to experience all that. PK: I feel like the show in Buffalo was really awesome. We hadn’t been there in a really long time so it was good to be back It was probably my favorite of the tour so far.

AG: Sweet. This one is probably gonna be a little tricky one. If there was one song that summed up who you are as a band, what would it be? KB: Oh man. PK: As far as like, sonically, or the message, or either one? Whatever we want? AG: Yeah, whatever! KB: Let’s just say it on three. PK: The song called “We All Roll Along.” I think the message in that is what has created the thing that we’ve built, the culture that we’ve built around the band. 8123. AG: Throwing it back. PK: Yeah, yeah. Old School. KB: We seemed to know it back then.

AG: So you guys released Lovely Little Lonely back in April. What are some different approaches you took to recording this album as opposed to your earlier albums? PK: We really focused on making a record that had a cohesive sound throughout the whole thing, kind of where all the songs go into each other and it feels like you’re listening to a body of work as opposed to just ten or twelve individual songs put together. We put a lot of pressure on on ourselves to make that and we were really hard on what songs made it onto the record and in the past we maybe haven’t been as hard on ourselves. I think those are some of the biggest changes. More like a mental shift, I guess. AG: Yeah, because you guys have those three interlude tracks. KB: Yeah, we did a lot of discussing and planning for this record more so than we had done in the past. I think we set those parameters early and made sure we stuck to them.

AG: What was the transition like going from being signed under a label to basically running your own label (asked by @2StepInMidair on Twitter)? KB: A little scary at times, but… PK: For me, we had never really let go of control of anything. Everything that was happening, we were basically just telling the label what to do, no matter what record label we were on. In every aspect of what we were doing. So for me it didn’t really feel much different, honestly. KB: Yeah by scary I meant more assumed risk. More fell on our shoulders to do certain things. AG: Makes sense. PK: To me, it just came really easy and naturally, you know. AG: That’s good, as opposed to not. PK: Absolutely, and I think if we hadn’t been in control the whole time, then it would’ve felt like, “Oh no, what have these people been doing?” We know exactly what they’ve been doing and we know we can do better.

AG: Alright, one final question: by now, you guys have like, a ton of touring under your belt. You’ve gone on tour with a lot of bands. If you could pick two bands to go back on tour with as a reunion tour, who would it be? PK: Augustana and Taking Back Sunday. That would be fun. AG: Nice. KB: I was gonna say TBS, so there we are.

AG: Sweet. Well that concludes the interview. Thank you guys again for taking the time out of your day. PK: No problem, our pleasure.

The Maine's Modern Nostalgia Tour is Acentric's featured tour of the month. Check out the playlist the band made here.