Q&A: Chase Atlantic talk about their newest EP "DON'T TRY THIS"

Photo by: Jordan Knight Words by: Ally Cassidy

Photo by: Jordan Knight
Words by: Ally Cassidy

Chase Atlantic has a history of speaking on mature subjects and having an eerily dark feel to their already unique sound. Their newest EP “DON’T TRY THIS” is a perfect example of this. We had the chance to speak to Chase Atlantic about the EP. Here’s what they had to say.

Acentric Magazine: Congratulations on the EP and its success so far! Can you give us an overview of the EP?
Chase Atlantic: “Don’t Try This” is a new age approach to the classic Chase Atlantic sound.

AM: What was the number one thing you wanted fans to get from the EP?
CA: A glimpse of the new age of Chase Atlantic, and the experiences we have gathered in the past year, whether that be with traveling or relationships.

AM: Overall, the EP doesn’t stray too far from the sound of your self-titled debut album. Does this mean this is the sound you guys plan to stick with? Why?
CA: I guess we will always have a similar approach to our music sonically, but when it comes to lyrics and melodies, we hope to bring something new to the table with every project.

AM: How does the EP differ from anything else you’ve created so far?
CA: It was created on the road while we were traveling and playing shows. We didn’t spend much time in a studio. We even recorded vocals on a ferry on our way to Paris at 2:00am.

AM: Comparing DON’T TRY THIS to your first EP, Dalliance, your sound has become quite serious and maybe even darker in tone. Is this due to just maturing as people and artists or is it something else?
CA: Moving to America, growing older as people, as well as traveling the world all aid to the maturing of our sound, and also the darker undertones we talk about and deal with as we grow older.

AM: Which song off the EP are you most excited to play live and why?
CA: It’s been fun to play “Like A Rockstar” and “You Too.” But, I would say I’m most excited for “Lust” just because we haven’t played it live yet.

AM: Which song do you expect fans to resonate with the most and why?
CA: “Lust.” I think everyone can relate to early stages of romance, and expressing the desire to be with someone but not sure if you’re quite ready to love them. Also the idea of not wanting to complicate something good with the idea of “Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend.” If you’ve got something together that works and you’re happy, why change that?

AM: Which song is your personal favorites and why?
CA: “GreenGreenGreen.” Slaps.

AM: How does the EP differ from your upcoming album?
CA: I would say it’s too soon to say, but soon we will see.

AM: How do you feel you have grown, both musically and personally, from the start of your careers to now?
CA: The touring lifestyle definitely hardened us up to the reality of the music industry.

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