Rituals of Mine Release Video for "Armor"

Rituals of Mine released their official video for "Armor" from their album Devoted today. The song and video includes feminist activist and musician Madame Gandhi on percussion. It was filmed in Oakland, CA and directed by French Press Films.

Terra Lopez from Rituals of Mine said of the video, "'Armor' was one of the very first songs that Dani [Fernandez] and I wrote for the Devoted LP. We wrote it at our tiny rehearsal space in Oakland, CA. This song's spirit has always been raw as fuck - with an urgency and frustration that definitely carried over into this live session video with Madame Ghandi. We've been friends for many years with Ghandi and are mutual fans of one another and so we were so excited to be able to film this session with her. The energy of three women screaming, dancing and head banging is what we are all about and what the world needs more of."

Madame Gandhi added, "I am so excited that this collaboration is coming out. I have been a fan of Rituals of Mine since 2011 and it was an absolute honor to be invited to play percussion on 'Armor.' Most importantly, I think it is so important to shine visibility on womxn of diverse backgrounds collaborating and creating together in the mainstream media. The rapid way this video is shot and edited allows each of our contributions to shine and I hope everyone watching rocks out to it as hard as we did in the studio that day."

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