Saint Motel - Atlanta, GA - 11.8.2017

Saint Motel, Gibbz
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 11.8.2017
Photos by:
Ashton Garner

Last night, Saint Motel visited Atlanta for the first time since their appearance at Shaky Knees. The band brought a truly unique twist to their live show, with a massive television (or, should I say, saintmotelevision) backdrop and live TV show setup onstage. No, those cameras weren’t just for fun. Saint Motel utilized the TV to introduce their ever-late show host Johnny Pemberton, and to entertain the crowd with vintage commercials between sets. They even had a film crew to introduce the show itself and get the night rolling.

Gibbz, a one man synth-pop act opened the night with chill tunes. His low key vibe got the crowd grooving by the end of his set. His closer “I Really Love You” really got the crowd off their feet and pumped for Saint Motel.

By 8:45 Johnny Pemberton was introducing the crowd to Saint Motel. Throughout the night, the band played through a hefty 15-song setlist, which included hits like “Move” and “My Type.” The crowd was so energetic and took every chance they could to jump and dance around. Remember how I said the cameras onstage weren’t just for fun? Saint Motel turned the cameras to the crowd, which projected the crowd onto the television. They really engaged the crowd and made the night more than just a performance. If you have the chance to check out this tour, you will absolutely not regret it.


Saint Motel

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