Staff Picks Playlist: Songs for Productivity


There's nothing like working or studying to a playlist that keeps you productive and encouraged. This week's Staff Picks Playlist features our Songs for Productivity, we hope to introduce you to sounds you’ve never heard before and create nostalgia for the tunes you do know.

“International Art Thief Declan McManus” by Freres Lapierre

There are some songs that can add a flair of liveliness to everyday tasks. International Art Thief Declan McManus is one of those songs. Whether it be cleaning around the house, getting a story written, or editing photos, this song makes it all easier to get done. The song has such a lighthearted beat to it with lyrics to match. The song itself tells a story of getting over someone you’ve been with, but lyrics like “My head’s all right, I’ll find my way,” really help in giving a sense of urgency towards getting things done. It’s a lively ditty that makes getting the most mundane of tasks feel like entertainment. (Idora Yasin, Photographer)

“Tomorrow” by BTS

It’s difficult to say everyone will feel productive with this song because most people don’t speak Korean. Despite this, the song itself encourages everyone to not give up. With lyrics like, “Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest” and “Wherever you are right now, you’re just taking a break. Don’t give up you know” it easily gives support to keep going. Although the lyrics give the song its power, the vocals of the band deliver it with emotion. Seven members make up the band; three rap with fire and the rest harmonize beautifully during the choruses. “Tomorrow” is the perfect song for encouragement to keep being productive and fight on. (Catherine Streng, Writer)

“Feeling Ok” by Best Coast Best Coast songs are always great to play in the background for me whether I'm working on editing photos, cleaning or just hanging out. (Krystina Gabrielle, Photographer)

“Resonance” by Home

I honestly don’t listen to many instrumental tracks, but something about this song gets me. It’s a little funky in its melody, but the tempo and rhythm are so relaxing to listen to. I tend to listen to this song when I’m driving at night and when I’m working on writing assignments because it’s calming nature helps me focus (it also helps that there’s no lyrics). I recommend listening to this song if you get easily distracted, stressed, or obnoxiously tired like myself when doing homework or attempting to be productive in any way. When you’re taking your study break, go on Youtube and check out the music video based off of The Simpsons–it’s super weird, but oddly satisfying. (Jordyn Beschel, Photographer)

“Petrichor” by Keaton Henson

This beautiful instrumental track has been playing in the background of many recent homework sessions. It feels so calming and helps me relax and sink into a solid study routine. It also (as the title would suggest) has the beautiful sound of rain throughout, making the track even more pleasant to listen to. (Erin Wilson, Photographer & Social Media)

“If We’re Reckless (Stay Love)” by Tatiana Manaois

I listen to different genres of music depending on what I’m doing. If I'm working out, I usually put on some hard hitting rock. If I need to get my creative juices flowing, you might catch me playing some hip hop or r&b. When it comes to doing work at my desk, I tend to lean towards more acoustic songs.  They are just enough to stimulate my brain, but not too intense to keep me distracted. This track is a perfect mix of catchy and low key that I usually listen to when I need to focus on a project. (Angelica Nicolle Abalos, Editor in Chief)

“We Can Never Go Back - Acoustic” by Joy Williams

When I listen to music to find my productivity, it's almost always with slow, calm songs that have a lot of repetitiveness to keep me focused. “We Can Never Go Back” is a song I found on my Discover Weekly some time ago, and instantly loved, so I put it in my playlist of slow songs. Now it's my go-to when I need calm, relaxed, study music. (Briana McDonald, Writer)

“Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde

To be productive I need something pretty mellow, but also catchy in the background. Disclosure and Lorde is a collaboration that I was really excited about, and I'm really into the end result. On my personal “get stuff done” playlist, this song plays on repeat. (Dayna Drum, Managing Editor)

“Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop)” by Foster The People

The music I listen while I am working depends a lot on my mood. Most of the time I go for something upbeat and Foster The People always give me that. It's not too hard or slow which helps me not getting distracted and I can even listen to it while working out.  (Erika Garcia, Photographer)

“Time” by Hans Zimmer

In terms of being productive, I cannot work on much if I am listening to music with any words in it. I get way too distracted. So my go to work song is “Time” from the Inception soundtrack. “Time” is the track that plays towards the end of the movie after everyone is back in the real world, they are essentially realize they’ve successfully planted the idea. The song gives an epic feeling to my mundane work, and really puts me to the task when I need that extra boost. (Carly Evans, Copyeditor)

“Darkest of Night Skies” by The Native Sibling

I need calm music while studying or doing work, so generally any rainy day playlist works for me. The Native Sibling’s album, Letters Kept to Ourselves, is one of my favorites though, definitely a go to when it’s time to study and stay focused. (Kathryn Farley, Social Media Manager)

“Stifled” by The Story So Far

Oddly enough, this is one of my go-to songs when I need to focus on writing a paper or editing photos. It’s a short song that packs a heavy pop-punk punch, and I love it. (Sam Lichtenstein, Photographer)

"Breezeblocks" by Alt-J

Ever since I first heard it in my freshman art class, this song has always had a way of making me feel more creative. My favorite thing about this track is the overall use of percussion. I love when bands get creative with percussion and use instruments besides just drums because it can really add a unique vibe to a song. (Zoe Dillman, Photographer)

“About Me” by Baynk

This song is perfect for me because there aren’t many words to distract me from my work. It keeps me energized and ready to take on the next assignment! (Camille Wilcher, Social Media Coordinator)