Tash Sultana - New York, NY - 9.4.19


Tash Sultana

Central Park Summerstage - September 4th, 2019

Words by Morgan Sheridan and Photos by Jess Williams

On Wednesday, September 4th, Australian one person band Tash Sultana made magic happen while barefoot in New York City’s Central Park Summer Stage. The show was the second night of their “Flow State World Tour”, promoting their debut album of the same name that was released last summer. For those unfamiliar with Sultana, they are a nonbinary musician who utilizes looping, beats, live instrumentals and vocals all in one performance creating unique and exhilarating music. 

The sun was setting over the park and the crowd was ready for Sultana to emerge from backstage. You could feel the energy within this venue as the lights were being tested and Sultana’s classic set of eyes finally appeared on LCD screens. It was one of the last summer nights with laughter, beers clinking together, mosquito bites, and incredible tunes. 

And finally, the moment arrived. No music, flashy lights or smoke. Just Tash. As they emerged, the crowd began to cheer and it grew from five cheers to hundreds within seconds. 

With their guitar plugged in and beat machines ready for action, Sultana began the looping process and opened the evening with “Seed (Intro).” Looking at their debut album, they played the  first and second track in order as the album is laid out. Starting the set with smooth guitar riffs and rich vocals, the words “You gotta plant your seed. To watch it grow.” Speaking to growth within the self and with partners with lines “Oh lover, I’m coming home to you. And I’ll see it through”, Sultana’s song “Seed (Intro)” gives us just a taste of what this album makes us feel and believe. 

They follow with “Big Smoke”. Sticking to the sweet guitar picking and strumming and looping on stage, with us experiencing their entire creative process, we begin to hear fun beats come in the first 30 seconds. “Big Smoke” speaks of guiding love back home. This song really highlights just how indescribable Sultana is as a performer as words really don’t do this performance justice. 

“Gemini” was that third song that was lead in with a beautiful and long transition. This song is found on Sultana’s EP Notion, released in 2016. This was the EP that really began their traction within the United States. Harmonies and melodies of voices flooded the small field where SummerStage Series is held and everything seemed to be just right in these moments.

We should prepare ourselves with a slight hiatus as Sultana stated they are taking a break from being independent and wants to experiment with full bands and collaborations. Don’t fret though! They are never going to stop creating, shredding on the guitar, and producing these tracks that are melded to perfection. 

Tash Sultana is a force within the music world. Though internationally known, they will continue to blow up, blow minds, and forever be barefoot on stage.

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