The Contortionist - Atlanta, GA - 3.21.2018

The Contortionist, Silent Planet, Skyharbor, Strawberry Girls – Clairvoyant Tour
Atlanta, GA – 3.21.18
Photos by:
Ashton Garner

In support of The Contortionist‘s newest album, the Clairvoyant North American Tour is in full swing, and it stopped by Atlanta a few days ago. Comprised of four bands, the lineup packed a hard punch that engaged the crowd the whole night.

The openers for the Clairvoyant Tour consisted of Strawberry Girls, Skyharbor, and Silent Planet. Each brought their own unique sound to the tour, but made sense alongside The Contortionist. The opening bands all had seemingly longer set times than is expected, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Since everyone had something different to put forth, every set was like a breath of fresh air.

The Masquerade recently opened New Heaven, which is just Old Heaven but with a multiple tiered balcony. This means a higher ceiling and extra room for more lights. The Contortionist made sure to utilize every light in the room and put on a beautiful show to accompany their music. The band curated a setlist from their albums Clairvoyant and Language, with a song from Exoplanet thrown in. The Clairvoyant Tour was one I can honestly say I fully enjoyed.

Strawberry Girls


Silent Planet

The Contortionist

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