The Monolith Tour – Xfinity Theater – 6.9.18

Thirty Seconds To Mars, Walk The Moon, Misterwives, & Joywave

Xfinity Theater – 6.9.18

Words & Photos by Jordyn Beschel

With a massive line-up like this, there is no other way to name the tour but The Monolith Tour. One of the most anticipated tours of the summer kicked off in Canada just last week, making its U.S. debut in Hartford, CT at the Xfinity Theater this past weekend. Headliners Thirty Seconds To Mars have taken off on this summer tour in support of their latest album America, bringing along some of pop’s biggest bands and best rising stars like Walk The MoonMisterWives and Joywave on this current leg of the tour and K.flay and Welshly Arms on the second leg of the tour. 

Starting off the show in the bit of bright daylight left was Joywave. Though the venue was still pretty empty at this point, they got a rise out of the crowd when frontman Daniel Armbruster stepped out in a fuzzy white robe, slippers, and cup of coffee–a nice Joywave mug from their merch table for great marketing. Their math-rock and electronic-pop songs had new listeners bobbing their heads and dancing around, definitely livening up the room as people starting filling in halfway through the set. Ending their set with their popular track “Tongues”, nearly everyone starting singing along–and chanting the band’s name started by Armbruster himself (simple, yet totally effective).

The colorful and eccentric super-group Misterwives followed up with high energy and fervor. The band is known for their vibrant aesthetic and multi-dimensional music, incorporating elements of jazz, rock, and pop into their own unique genre. Powerhouse Mandy Lee nailed every note while dancing feverishly without even needing to catch a breath. The band is the ultimate pick-me-up, and any show is bound to be a spirited one with their performance. Major highlights of their set were their satisfying mini-cover of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” and the exciting four-piece drumline interlude during their final song “Our Own House”.

Now that the sun was finally setting, we could fully appreciate the incredible lighting production that Walk The Moon brought out with them. Stepping out to “The Circle Of Life” from the Lion King, the four-piece looked as epic as it sounds. Playing a solid variety of songs like “Kamikaze”, “Different Colors”, and “Anna Sun”, Walk The Moon totally got the party going with their colorful light show and electrifying dance music. Naturally, when they broke out into the national anthem, better known as “Shut Up and Dance”, the entire venue lit up against the sunset’s scenic peak. Looking back around the lawn especially, people were dancing and jumping up and down fanatically throughout their set. They successfully closed out the last bit of daylight we had, gearing up the audience for the headliner they’ve been patiently waiting for.

With one of the most ominous introductions to a live show, Jared and Shannon Leto stepped out into the fog while fans screamed and cheered at their highly anticipated appearance. The stage was dark and mysterious as the moving light panels surrounding the stage began to lift back up, revealing the rock duo in their eclectic stage outfits. Jared Leto’s energy ascended from the minute the band kicked off with “Monolith” into “Up In The Air”, running back and forth from stage left to stage right to egg on the crowd.

Jared’s passion just spilled all over the stage. He truly never stopped smiling, a grin going straight from ear to ear while he tried to engage with every fan he possibly could from his position on the stage. He called up members from the audience for a noise contest, having them judge which side of the crowd could scream the loudest. A major highlight of the band’s set was hearing one of the most iconic songs of emo’s past “The Kill”, especially when Jared went up in the air on a suspended panel and sang from the top of the venue. With a pit filled with fans running down from their seats (we won’t shame security for letting that go), and the lawn bouncing with hardcore fans (who were mostly intoxicated, Jared pointed out), we’d say this was a pretty solid first night in the U.S. for the Monolith tour.

There are plenty of dates still left on the Monolith Tour with this current line-up before K.Flay and Welshly Arms come in to switch it up. See below for a list of upcoming tour dates.