Turnstile - Chicago, IL - 05.02.19

Turnstile / Time & Nature 2019
Concord Music Hall - 05.02.2019

Photos by Zeltzin Vazquez

Even if you have never been into hardcore punk, Turnstile’s live sets will have your adrenaline rushing through your body and before you know it you’ll be looking forward to their next show in your city. They are directly supporting Turnover for their first 2019 US tour, both bands have had their share of involvement in mixed genre bills. In the past few years the music scene has been big on supporting tours that bring a variety of genres and audiences. Turnover has a dream-pop indie sound while Turnstile has a strong hardcore background bringing in funk elements that separate them from all bands in hardcore right now. They played a handful of songs off their 2018 release ‘Time & Space’ which the crowd was familiar with as well as an eclectic mix of tracks from ‘Step 2 Rhythm’ and ‘Nonstop Feeling’. Turnstile is well known for packing DIY spaces in their earlier days and having the room off the walls with energy. For being part of a larger tour, including bigger venues such as Concord, they never lost their charm of keeping the crowd moving from the moment they’re on the stage till the end of their set. Their stop in Chicago was no different. Aside from your typical crowd surfers people on the side of the stage got in on the action by diving into the crowd when security was least expecting it. If you are looking for a band with nonstop vivacity then Turnstile is a must see.