Unconscious Disturbance - Let It Rain

Album: Unconscious Disturbance- Let It Rain From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Genre: Progressive Metal
For Fans of: The Mars Volta, Mastodon
Reviewer: Deanna Soukiasian

Unconscious Disturbance is a wicked Metal band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band’s current roster consists of Kiko Freiberg (guitar/vocals), Daniel Freiberg (drums/vocals), Tim Haggerty (guitar), and Danny Dahan (bass).

With vocals that basically match that of Mastodon, I was immediately intrigued by Unconscious Disturbance. As a Metal Head disguised as a glitter wearing, mermaid collecting, pompom keychain carrying artist I was pretty psyched to have some new metal in my life.

This is the Sophomore release for UD.  Let It Rain is a bit of a departure from their first album, Shooting At The Moon, which was released in 2014. Shooting At The Moon had some serious Alice in Chains and ‘90’s grunge feels, I am always a fan of. In comparison, Let It Rain is sonically a little more polished, but also way less metal and intense than the first album.

Though this Let It Rain is a fairly short 4-song EP, I was definitely able to find a favorite song. “Our Secret” has that recognizable metal creepiness with the song’s instrumentals. The vocals are super smooth and pitch perfect, which is always something that I love, but can’t always get when it comes to metal. This would be a track on the soundtrack to one of my nightmares–and I mean that in the best way possible. If it is creepy enough to be on my nightmare playlist with “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus and “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge, then that means it more or less gets five stars.

All in all, I found Let It Rain enjoyable enough to wish that it was more than four songs. The album is definitely something I am going to be playing over and over for a while. I cannot wait to see what these guys come out with in the future, and the progress they will make.