Under the Influence: Erin Coburn's Top 10 Influential Songs


Acentric Magazine asked Erin Coburn to put together a playlist of her top 10 most influential songs. Check out her commentary on each song and a link to the Spotify playlist below:

Each of these songs on my playlist speaks volumes to me for different reasons, but they do have one thing in common: uniqueness. I love playlists that take me on a rollercoaster of emotions with new and varying sounds, styles, and meanings. One thing I find that completely turns me off is… sameness! That is what I have created with these songs that are always playing in my head.

Little Black Submarine – The Black Keys

I love this song because of how dynamic it is. One minute it’s acoustic-y and lets you sit back… then BAM! It kicks in to a heavier rock feel. I really enjoy songs that lay with energy levels.

Sell Yourself – Cage The Elephant

Chaotic. Such a chaotic tune that PUMPS ME UP! Cage the Elephant defies a lot of “rule” that have been put on music with this song.

Cold Blooded – Gary Clark, Jr

What a smooth talkin’ jam. I smile every time I hear this song. It’s got strong blues undertones (I LOVE THE BLUES!), but with a modern feel.

Hometown – Cleopatrick

I almost always listen to this song before a show because of how bada$$ its’ energy is… I can relate to the message, too. It speaks volumes to me in so many ways.

No Good – Kaleo

Kaleo is keeping the blues living… especially with this song. It’s got a great drive, growling vocals, and a super catchy guitar riff.

Drink About It – Issues

This band has somehow made metal, rock, hip hop, and country all work together in one song. I think it’s the coolest thing when songs have multiple influences!

The Depths – Bobby Raps, Corbin

The Depths is a very dark and emotional song. Corbin’s eerie vocals and Bobby Raps’ deeper tones compliment each other and create something so powerful. I actually sneak a part of this

song into my set.

At Last – Etta James

Can never go wrong with Etta James. The amount of soul in her voice inspires me to really put soul into my music to really feel what I am saying.

Mile High – James Blake, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin

Usually, if a song pops up on my playlist, I’ll end up having it on repeat for an hour or two. There’s something so simple and sleek about it that I really enjoy.

Come A Little Closer – Cage the Elephant

This was the first alt-rock song that I totally fell in love with. It really opened my eyes… and ears to something new and different. The bass line is really unique, too.

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