Vans Warped Tour - San Diego, CA - 8.05.16


Vans Warped Tour 2016
Qualcomm Stadium – 8.05.2016

Photos and Review by: Erika Garcia 

The 2016 Vans Warped Tour has come to an end and if was for sure one of the best ones so far. The lineup consisted of bands that have been around for a while now and that have spread their message to their dedicated fans and influenced to their music genre. Touring for 53 days, 7 stages and over 50 bands, every one of them giving the crowds the time of their lives and moments they'll never forget. There were a lot of surprises like the special appearance of PVRIS at Hartford, CT or the unexpected pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas; these are only a sneak peak of this awesome event and today our SoCal team is bringing to you how it all went down at San Diego, CA. In this year Warped took place in the Qualcomm Stadium,home of the San Diego Chargers and the place of many exciting concerts and events for decades. Through the field, the various merch tents, food trucks, the daily reminders of non-profit organizations telling us it's ok not to be ok or the open space to get your hands on a guitar and even play for first time is why this event is so welcoming to fans.

The day started of with eager fans and the smell of coppertone for the long waited event. First stop, was to get our schedule for the day and head straight to the Journeys left foot stage to see the first band of the day.

New Found Glory

Considered pioneers of their music genre, New Found Glory kicked off the day with their song "Understatement".

Mayday Parade



A band that has been around since the late 90s, started with showing off their trophy as in the previous nights they won the bowling tournament in Phoenix, AZ.


State Champs

This band from Albany, NY has been around since 2010. They played songs from latest album "Around the World and Back" that was released last year and one of their early career singles "Elevated".

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive came all the way from Sydney, Australia. Jenna's voice ripped through the speakers and the sound of the guitar made everyone go jump and dance through the pit.

Sleeping With Sirens

The crowds started to get bigger by the time Sleeping with Sirens hit the stage for the most anticipating closing bands of the day. Playing the most famous songs of their careers they gave a very energetic set and the band for sure had a lot of fun doing the set.

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