Vesperteen album release - Columbus, OH - 8.10.2019


Vesperteen / Sad Sun Album Release Party
The Basement - 8.10.2019
Photos by Lynn Roy

On August 10, 2019, we had the amazing opportunity to attend Vesperteen’s Columbus, OH release party for his new Sad Sun EP. This is the first release on the KIDinaKORNER label for the solo project of Colin Rigsby, supported by a variety of other artists as recording and touring require.

Due to a flat tire, we missed both opening acts and remain very grumpy about that fact. Given the attention that both Telehope and Effee received afterwards while meeting fans, both were a hit and made new fans of anyone not already familiar with their music. To make up for this disappointment, we have been streaming both artists ever since, which has been great for counteracting the Monday blahs (and Tuesday and Wednesday and…), but leaves us even more disappointed to have missed the live performances.

Upon arriving, we found The Basement absolutely packed and buzzing with excited energy as Telehope cleared the stage of their instruments and Vesperteen’s were moved in. Colin had previously polled fans (collectively known as the Vesperteam) on Twitter for what the event should be themed, and settled on a pool party theme to match the promo materials and album photos for Sad Sun. For such a small venue, it seemed like the entire Vesperteam was there dressed in Hawaiian shirts, leis, sunglasses, and even water wings and a plastic squirt gun that sprayed bubbles.

The stage was decorated with a fake palm tree, paper flowers, and a cardboard sad sun. Colin arrived on stage accompanied by Jesse Cale on keys and Matt Lott on bass. The lights of the small club drenched everything in pink, covering everyone in a glow like a painless sunburn as they opened with “It Will Never Be Enough”. The crowd sang every word through songs from two previous EPs and earlier single “Operate”. Naturally a very active performer, Colin covered the entire stage, frequently dancing and interacting with the crowd pressed up against the stage before returning to the glow of his LED-lit drum set.

Effee returned to the stage for “FeelGood” which she co-wrote. As the first single from Sad Sun, fans were just as ready to sing along to this new song. After “Up” (also co-written by Effee) a fan threw a wig on stage, claiming her wig had been snatched. It could not have been more perfectly timed. Colin seized the moment to don the wig for a cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”. Now he turned it up even more, strutting around the stage and leaning in close to the audience as the whole room sang as loud as we could. The set ended with “Inhale and Hold” and the band left the stage to wild cheers.

More cheering and chants of “Vesperteen!” brought them back for an encore, this time with Colin wearing a coconut bra. The awkward accessory didn’t slow him down for “Speed of Light” but came off soon after, since he did not want to make an emotional speech wearing a silly outfit. He thanked everyone for coming, clearly moved that so many people had come out to support him and the rest of the band. While next steps for Vesperteen are still in the works and no tour is planned yet, it has been quite a journey leading up to this show. After that emotional moment, the band shifted back into party mode, ending the show with Vesperteam favorite “Shatter in the Night”.

Colin and Jesse stayed after, graciously talking with every fan who wanted to chat. When the venue announced they would be closing and everyone had to leave, we filed out into the August night, the dark finally making it a comfortable temperature to be outdoors. Everyone involved with Vesperteen, regardless of who is on stage or behind the scenes of any performance, is incredibly kind and caring as well as talented. If you get the chance to see a live performance, make it a priority. You will not regret it.

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