Vesperteen Intrigues Fans with VEGA Announcements


Fans of Ohio alt-pop solo act Vesperteen have spent the last several weeks watching a mystery unravel across singer/drummer Colin Rigsby’s social media. First came several tweets on November 8 counting down to something. Five hours. The band’s former pastel palette and logo had become bright pink, orange, and blue. One hour. And then at noon Eastern time, the first part of the mystery was revealed.

The next Twitter post contained a link to a signup page for admission to the first “treatment group” of VEGA: Vesperteen Emotional Genesis Association. The limited number of spots were filled within minutes, leaving many fans disappointed and even further confused about what they might have missed seeing on the now-empty webpage. Only this summary remained:

At V.E.G.A we offer innovative treatments that allow our members to confront their emotional and relational strain and perplexities to begin healing them. Each treatment utilizes the cathartic benefits of artistic expressions (both visual and audible) to rehabilitate our members back to their peak wholeness and health.

Several days later came a photo of mysterious envelopes for those who had managed to gain admission to the first round of VEGA. The letters began arriving on November 15 with a special announcement made first to the lucky few who had been able to sign up. Once the letters began to be posted on social media, a video explaining the first “treatment” was posted on Instagram and Twitter for the rest of the world to see.

Having just released EP The Hype is Dead in May of 2018, Vesperteen already has another new song out. Released December 7, “Operate” is exactly the big, upbeat bop to be expected from Vesperteen. The drum-driven verses move seamlessly into an acoustic guitar and then a big, electronic-backed chorus that makes the theme of desperately trying to heal a troubled relationship surprisingly dance-friendly. The song also incorporates over fifty fans voices, continuing the engagement the Vesperteam (the collective name for Vesperteen’s community of fans) have always had, which included the 2017 music video for “What We Could Have Been” consisting entirely of fans lip-synching the song.

Vesperteen is currently in the middle of a limited run of shows opening for Flint Eastwood. Check out the remaining dates below and keep an eye on social media for more clues about VEGA, upcoming releases, and announcements about 2019 tour dates.

December 8 - Asheville, NC - The Mothlight

December 9 - Atlanta, GA - Aisle 5

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